• Building Membrane Changes in the new edition of the NCC

    On the 1st of May 2019, the National Construction Code will introduce a new section titled ‘Condensation Management’, which includes important changes to the selection of wall wraps. The change will affect all Building Permits approved after the 1st of May 2019. Building Permits approved using NCC 2016 will not...
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  • Registration of trades is on the way

    Registration of trades is on the way in Victoria with Government recently passing legislation to require the registration and licensing of subcontractors and employees who carry out building work. This will significantly expand the current legal requirements that currently only effect those carrying out residential building work directly for owners...
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  • Taking on the tough jobs

    Allchin Builders’ expansive mono truss project Dahlsens’ truss and frame manufacturing experts take pride in helping customers grow their business with the streamlined design and construction of intricate roof installations. This complex work is made possible by Dahlsens’ longstanding partnership with Pryda – pioneers in the frame and truss industry...
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  • Industry Update from HIA

    Housing Update – March Quarter was a Record Over the past few years, Victoria has seen record amounts of housing activity. In terms of dwelling commencements, the March 2018 quarter in Victoria was a national record – not just a state record. With 10,185 detached house starts and 11,965 multi-unit...
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  • Legislative reform: updated HIA contracts

    In Victoria there has been a wave of legislative reform over the past couple of years. As a result, the Housing Industry Association (HIA) has been required to update its contracts on a regular basis. What does this mean for builders? The new legislation and updates to the contracts mean...
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  • Dahlsens: celebrating 140 years

    When you meet a Dahlsen, you’ll pretty quickly discover that they love a good yarn, as long as it’s not about themselves. But truth be known, the Dahlsens story is a pretty incredible one, reflected in the continued strong support for the company, from customers and employees alike, now 140 years...
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