Safety is a shared responsibility

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At Dahlsens, the safety of our community, team members and customers is our number one priority. Every one of us deserves to go home safely to our families every single day! We continue to work hard to foster a culture where people make safe choices, and accept a zero tolerance for injuries.

Dahlsens shares this responsibility with our customers, as we work closely together to minimise the risks we face in our workplaces. Our team members can only safely do the job we need to do for you with your ongoing support.

We want to shout out and say THANK YOU for playing your part by looking after our team the way you look after your own.

Please continue to support our shared, safe workplace by doing the following:

Your job sites:

  • Notify us in advance of the site conditions such as powerlines, access problems or mud which we need to plan for
  • Keep your sites clean for safe access
  • Establish and maintain clear, safe and stable pathways that lead to your desired storage areas
  • Have someone available onsite to help our driver carry heavy or bulky items such as plaster sheets, solid core front doors and hot water units
  • Consider the safest unloading positions, and let us know ahead of time where you want your items left
  • If you want items loaded onto the top plates, have someone onsite who can verify that they are adequately braced
  • Support our COVID-19 plan which includes contactless delivery.
  • Exceptions for delivery with contact exist for deliveries of heavy and bulky goods that require someone on site to help our driver carry the goods, and when product is required to be hoisted onto the top plates.
  • Please speak to our team if you’d like to know more

Our store sites:

  • Follow the traffic plan and line directions to ensure you can be seen at all times and can load safely
  • Keep three metres away from our forklifts at all times when on site
Getting your gear safely to you, when and where you need it, is what Dahlsens continue to do for you. Thank you for your support to do just that.
Let’s all go home safely every day.