Sustainable Building Solutions to Safeguard the Future

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In the face of rising energy costs and climate change, more and more homeowners are looking for solutions that lower the environmental impacts and costs of running their homes.

There is a growing group of consumers who are actively seeking sustainable building materials, such as products made from renewable and recycled materials, and those which have a lower carbon footprint. By offering the use of sustainable building materials in your builds, builders are positioned to meet the demands of a new generation.

In 2022, the construction industry is forecasting changes to energy efficiency and condensation regulations in the National Construction Code (NCC), with the 6-star energy rating expected to change to 7-star. With this in mind, now is a good time to consider sustainable building materials solutions, many of which are available through Dahlsens. Here’s some options and thought-starters to consider.

Weathertex cladding and lining

Are your clients looking to boost the sustainability credentials of their home, while also achieving long-lasting street appeal? Introduce them to Weathertex, made in Australia using waste timber sourced from plantation estates – it’s completely carbon neutral.

  • Weathertex products can be classed as sustainable for the following reasons:
  • Made from waste plantation timber – not old growth hardwood
  • No chemical additives, artificial glues or resins, or silica added
  • Manufactured with three per cent paraffin wax that binds and waterproofs
  • They repurpose by-products into packaging, fuel or compost to reduce landfill
  • Select products are Global GreenTag certified, one of the world’s most trusted ecolabels

With Weathertex, your clients can achieve a range of on-trend house styles. Speak to the Dahlsens team today to find out more.

Bradford Gold Insulation

Recycled glass insulation

More and more, homeowners realise the value of investing in premium insulation. Retrofitting insulation can be difficult and costly down the track, and the saving gains of up to 45 per cent on heating and cooling costs as well as year-round comfort and reduced emissions are attractive.

Certain types of insulation batts, including those from supplier to Dahlsens, CSR Bradford, are made from up to 80 per cent recycled glass. This makes them a good choice for the environment and for reducing landfill.


Dahlsens has a complete range of bulk, reflective and wrap insulation available for your consideration. Speak to the local team for more information.

Composite decking and screening

Composite decking and screening

Composite decking products made from recycled plastics are rapidly growing in popularity. They’re a long-lasting and low-maintenance alternative to conventional timber, with no sanding, staining or oiling required.“Quality homes are built off the back of quality relationships,” Tim says. “Trust is critical, especially in the building game, and it is why we put in so much effort upfront to really understand what the client is wanting to achieve and to help the client know we get it.

All the brands available from Dahlsens, including NewTechWood, ModWood, Trex and Timbertech, are made from recycled plastics, providing a new life for plastics destined for landfill.

Your clients will love the benefits of using composite decking and screening products:

  • No oiling, staining or sanding required
  • A sustainable option made from recycled plastic containers
  • Splinter free and safe for children
  • Resistant to mould and mildew
  • Available in a range of colours to suit your clients’ styles
  • Designed to withstand harsh weather conditions

The Dahlsens team can help you find the right composite product for your project, speak to the team today.

Timber framing

Timber framing

Timber in design and construction is helping tackle climate change, as a 100 per cent renewable resource that absorbs and stores carbon dioxide while it grows. The carbon remains locked in the wood for life, until it rots, decays or is burnt. With a typical Australian home absorbing more than seven tonnes of carbon dioxide (CO2) from the air, according to the Timber Framing Collective, timber is helping to renew our future.

Dahlsens strictly sources timber framing from sustainably managed plantation forests. For every tree that’s harvested from certified plantations, at least one is replanted. Australian softwood plantations regrow an average house frame in less than a minute.

Electrical heating, cooling and appliances

Electrical heating, cooling and appliances

Australia has the world’s highest uptake of rooftop solar, with more than one in four homes now equipped with solar panels according to the Clean Energy Council.

The use of electrical appliances for the purposes of cooking, heating, cooling and ventilation (HVAC) makes good use of solar power. Dahlsens can arrange for your project a hassle free HVAC solution, supplied and installed with no upfront costs. Plus, as a whole of house supplier, Dahlsens can supply an extensive range of quality appliances from well-known brands such as Westinghouse, Smeg, Euro Brands, Technika and more.

Timber flooring

Timber flooring

If your clients are looking for a sustainable flooring option, engineered flooring is an option to consider. The high-grade timber flooring from Neville Smith Forest Products (NSFP), Woodsmith, is engineered to achieve the look, feel and durability of Tasmanian Oak while demanding less on the resource than standard overlay flooring.

  • Your clients can rest assured that sustainability sits at the heart of NSFP’s philosophy with all NSFP products sourced from only sustainably harvested, regrowth and plantation timber.
  • Made from sustainable regrowth Eucalypt hardwood NSFP expertly mills Tassie Oak to ensure waste is minimised and yield is maximised
  • A straight, consistent grain and 165mm flooring profile
  • Engineered for the ultimate in aesthetics and durability, Woodsmith has a thick 3.2mm Tasmanian Oak lamella, a sturdy Rubberwood core and a veneer back board
  • Stable, flexible, resistant to warping and shrinkage
  • Suitable for domestic and commercial applications


Sustainability Victoria is working with registered builders and land developers to design and build 7-star NatHERS rated homes. With proposed changes to the National Construction Code forecast for 2022, the 7 Star Homes program accelerates the transition to 7-star homes by offering:

  • $4,000 rebates per home, for up to four homes built, to assist with upgrade costs
  • As-built verification assessment to ensure homes are built to achieve the same efficiency rating as designed
  • 6-to-7-star training, online and in person, to support the design process and to upskill employees
  • Exclusive sales and marketing training designed especially for selling energy-efficient homes.

Visit Sustainability Victoria for more information.

If you’d like to know more about some of these sustainable building material options, speak to your Dahlsens account manager or local store.