Dahlsens carries an extensive range of timber moulding and finishing timber products for your next build. Put your own personal stamp on your finished project and delight your clients with fine trims or decorative timber details made with premium timbers. We supply high quality mouldings and finishing timber materials made from hardwood, pine and MDF.

Our finishing timber suppliers


For all your finishing timber needs, Dahlsens partners with Porta – the people who know and love timber! Proudly Australian-owned, Porta have been supplying the construction industry with decorative timber products for more than 70 years. Porta products are available for internal or external applications and they manufacture a premium selection of local and imported timber species. Eco-conscious clients will love Porta’s passion for sustainable and renewable operations, which includes a strong and ongoing commitment to responsible sourcing of their timber materials.


Since the Meyer family established Meyer Timber Pty Ltd in 1975 in Dandenong, Victoria, the company has grown to become one of the largest timber wholesale operations in Australia. As a trusted supply partner to Dahlsens, Meyer Timber is highly regarded for its commitment to customer service. They invest heavily in inventory, through both sheer volume of product and the diverse range they keep which supports consistent supply to Dahlsens and ultimately the builder.

Architraves, moulding, skirtings
and more

Finishing timber and trims, Dahlsens can supply it all. Our extensive range of mouldings includes:

  • Architraves
  • Skirting boards
  • Custom mouldings
  • Decorative ceiling and wall trims
  • Dowels
  • Dressed All Round (DAR) boards
  • Handrails
  • Picture framing
  • Windows and doors

Available in a selection of timber and MDF options

Porta Tasmanian Oak

Porta Tasmanian Oak supplied by Dahlsens is a strong and adaptable timber which is ideal for interior timber mouldings and finishes.

  • Durability Class 3 timber
  • Ideal for window and door frames (with appropriate wood coating protection)
  • Porta Select Grade features minimal marks and natural features for a clean, versatile look


Tasmanian Oak products present a range of colours from pale, straw-like shades to light red and brown hues. They are characterised by natural variations in wood grain, colour and texture. Easy to customise, Tasmanian Oak is particularly well suited to staining and can be matched to other wood finishes and furnishings.


Tasmanian Oak is both strong and easy to work with, which makes it a popular wood species among builders.

  • Density of 700 KG/M3
  • Planes, sands, finishes and glues well
  • Select grade Tasmanian Oak is suitable for woodturning projects
  • Can be used in wet areas (with an oil based undercoat protection)
  • Finishes and polishes well
  • Holds nail and screws well
  • Dressed all round and pre-primed options available

It is not recommended to steam bend Tasmanian Oak.


Tasmanian Oak is recommended for applications such as:

  • Decorative trim
  • Windows and doors
  • Architraves and skirting
  • Cabinetry
  • Flooring
  • Mouldings
  • Furniture

Thanks to its versatility, you can match your Tasmanian Oak mouldings to almost any surface of your upcoming project to achieve a striking overall effect.

Porta Radiata (Clear) Pine

Radiata Pine (also known as Clear Pine) is a low density, soft timber that is popular for timber mouldings and other decorative applications.

  • Durability class 4 timber
  • Ideal for mouldings, decorative trim and internal joinery
  • Features wide annual growth rings


Radiata Pine generally presents with light colours that vary from cream to light-straw. Our Select grade pine is knot free and can be stained, painted, colour-washed or waxed in order to match other fittings or furnishings. Water-based stains may result in a marked or blotchy visual effect, so we recommend using only oil-based stains.


Porta Radiata Pine is supple and can be easily worked using only standard tools.

  • Density of 550 KG/M3
  • Easy to nail
  • Holds screws well
  • Can be glued using readily available adhesives
  • Stains superbly
  • Amenable to preservative treatments
  • Can be used in wet areas (with an oil-based undercoat or appropriate stain finish)
  • Dressed all round and pre-primed options available


Radiata Pine is extremely versatile recommended for applications such as:

  • Decorative trim
  • Mouldings
  • Panelling
  • Internal joinery
  • Cladding

With such a range of applications, Radiata Pine can be used for multiple facets of your build to provide a cohesive aesthetic.

Meranti hardwood

Meranti hardwood is a medium density, extremely durable hardwood that is adaptable and easy to work with.

  • Durability class 4 timber
  • Ideal for a wide range of indoor applications
  • FSC certified


There are wide variations in the colour and appearance of Meranti hardwood products due to the fact that many species are sold under the Meranti name. Typical colours include pale red to darker reddish brown hues. Meranti features a moderately course grain with an even texture and pleasing ribbon natural feature.


Meranti is an easy timber to work with, however cutting tools should be kept extremely sharp as the edges can be dulled quickly by the high silica content found in the timber.

  • Density of 440-660 KG/M3
  • Easy to nail and glue
  • Holds screws well
  • Suitable for indoor applications including decorative trim & mouldings
  • Can be used in wet areas with suitable protection
  • Resistant to warping and twisting
  • Dent resistant
  • Easy to customise through the use of timber stains and paint


Meranti is a stable timber ideal for use in a wide variety of internal applications such as:

  • Internal joinery
  • Decorative mouldings
  • Cabinetry
  • Architraves and skirting
  • Panelling


For a cost effective alternative to pine or hardwood, MDF is ideal for home decor applications including mouldings, cornices, skirtings and architraves. meyCHOICE pre-primed mouldings and architraves are designed to be used in a variety of internal applications.

  • Available in practically any size
  • Australian made
  • Can be easily painted to match the interior of your build
  • Soft and flexible, ideal for curved or irregular walls
  • Easy to drill and route
  • Resistant to splitting from nail impacts

Timber mouldings for all your needs

No matter your timber moulding needs, we have a solution for you. From traditional to ultra-modern styles, Dahlsens can supply & deliver all the materials you need to install crowd-pleasing timber mouldings.

Architraves and skirting

Hide visible gaps between wall linings, door jambs and window frames with our range of sleek architrave and skirting products.

  • To achieve a contemporary look, ask about our Bevelled or Half Splayed profile options
  • For the ultimate in modern elegance, our Colonial profile options are a timeless choice
  • Our Bullnose and Pencil Round profiles provide a fuss-free and low maintenance look

Cornices and rails

Enhance the overall feel of your new build with thoughtfully designed cornices and decorative rails. Dahlsens can supply a range of decorative wall trim products including crown cornices, chair rails, dado rails and picture rails. All products are available in a range of profiles to suit any theme from traditional to contemporary.

Quad timber mouldings

Achieve a neat finish for any unsightly joins or gaps with a high quality Quad moulding provided by Dahlsens. Available in a range of sizes to suit your project, Quads are highly customisable using stains or paint.

Dressed All Round (DAR) timber

Dahlsens can supply a wide range of DAR timber. Expertly machined to leave all sides with a smooth, consistent surface, DAR simpler is ideal for decorative timber mouldings. With square and rectangle options available, DAR timber supplied by Dahlsens is available in sizes ranging from 6x6mm to 190x30mm. We have DAR options suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications.

Indoor and outdoor treated trim

Rounded Edging Bead by Porta is an ideal trim option for both indoor and outdoor applications.

  • Treated H3 rated timber – ACQ preservative
  • Resistant to rot and weather
  • Resistant to termites and borers
  • Knot-free softwood
  • Easy to work with standard tools
  • Easy to stain or paint to achieve the desired look

Rounded Edging Bead by Porta is available in lengths of 2.4m and dimensions of 30x12mm and 40x12mm.

Indoor applications

Indoors, Rounded Edging Bead is ideal for finishing off board edges, shelving edges and bench tops. It can also be used as strapping to cover the butted joints of plywood or cement sheet material.

Outdoor applications

When used outside, Rounded Edging Bead is suitable for above-ground use and wet areas. It can be used as a stylish garden bed edging, or to finish off the edges of decks or patios.

Architraves and moulding warranties

Here at Dahlsens, we pride ourselves on providing builders with a seamless purchasing experience. We build and maintain close relationships with suppliers who offer premium products and excellent warranty terms. In the unlikely event that you experience a quality issue with a Dahlsens supplied product, we put those relationships to work. Let us know what’s going on and we’ll take care of everything. Focus your energy where it’s needed most while we negotiate a winning resolution with the supplier on your behalf.

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