All Dahlsens stores and truss and frame manufacturing plants remain open to support the building industry in all regions, subject to State based COVID-19 restrictions. Greater Sydney: NSW Government's ban on small and large construction and renovation projects in Greater Sydney means the service needs required by our trade customers...
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  • Hardie™ Fine Texture Cladding

    Hardie™ Fine Texture Cladding is a game-changer when it comes to simplicity and time saving. Create exterior walls with a modern rendered look without the need for a renderer, specialist cement or acrylic texture coating. In fact, they can be done without brickies too. The only trades required to build...
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  • Australian Made for the great Aussie builder

    Who doesn't prefer to buy local, made in Australia products wherever, whenever they can? Home owners and their builders are no exception. You should be pleased to know that most building materials used in Australian construction are made right here in Australia. When it's made and supplied locally, you're supporting...
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  • Build the Scandi Barn look

    Inspired by the nordic love of design simplicity, this Scandinavian barn style home is warm, inviting and at one with its surroundings. James Hardie explains how you can build the Scandi Barn look featuring cladding exterior products available from Dahlsens. Standing tall on a corner block in the picturesque Adelaide...
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  • The power of partnering up

    Dahlsens throws everything it can at developing genuine partnerships with our customers and suppliers. Business to business, trust and reliability is earnt. We foster an obsessive approach to understand and anticipate the needs of your business, to tailor our service to enable you to prosper and grow. When you choose...
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  • Cypress VS Radiata

    It is predicted that demand will continue to outstrip supply for cypress pine, further driving prices upwards. Radiata pine is a renewable alternative to cypress pine, and an option to be considered for outdoor building work. What is cypress pine? Cypress pine (Callitris Glaucophylla) is a native tree which unlike...
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  • Superior Strength in sliding cavity units

    The Platinum Cavity range opens the door to practicality, functionality and style. Builders, trades and developers experience many pain points on site A common one relates to the use of traditional timber cavity units, particularly in wet areas. Load capacity limitations on cavity sliding systems can be problematic, and when...
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  • Taking advantage of the regional renaissance

    Some call it the regional rush, others call it the flee change, but whatever you call it there’s no doubt that what we’re experiencing at the moment is a regional Australia renaissance. An unexpected benefit of the pandemic has been the realisation that people don’t need to live in the...
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  • New at Dahlsens! A smarter way to build a roof

    New and game-changing from your Dahlsens truss and frame team! The benefits of the Pryda SpeedTruss™ pre-installed screws system are loud and clear to customers who have jumped on board. Find out for yourself how you too can save time – here’s the low down. A new approach to roof truss...
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  • Supply and Install from Dahlsens

    Save time, money and hassle, get more done and streamline administration with Dahlsens’ supply and install service. It’s so easy. Simply submit your job details and required plans and our specialised staff and account managers will work with you and your site supervisors to organise the installation. How does the...
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