Are you looking for rainwater tanks, pumps and hose kits to fit out your next build? Dahlsens is your one stop shop. We supply durable water storage solutions suited for all residential projects including Slimline water tanks, Underground water tanks, Round water tanks, Under deck water tanks and a full range of factory fitted pumps and hose kits.

Our water tank and tank accessory suppliers

Dahlsens proudly partners with Rapid Plas, Melro and Kingspan in order to supply builders with high quality water tank and tank accessory suppliers.

Supplying Dahlsens in New South Wales 

Founded in 1990, Rapid Plas has been a leading manufacturer of poly rainwater tanks for more than 30 years. Proudly Australian and family owned, Rapid Plas began on a family farm near Tamworth. Rapid Plas manufacture all their products on site and have a modern rainwater solution for any urban, agricultural or commercial project. Rapid Plas tanks are available in more than 20 colours and can be packaged with pumps and other essential accessories.

Supplying Dahlsens in Victoria

Melro manufactured plastic rainwater tanks are designed to meet the highest Australian standards. Melro has extensive rotomoulding capabilities and create some of the largest high-quality plastic products on the market. Committed to supporting the local community, Melro prioritise the use of Australian made materials wherever possible. For world class products with innovative designs, think Melro.

Supplying Dahlsens in all regions

Since 1934, Kingspan has been manufacturing high-quality steel water tanks right here in Australia. Kingspan steel tanks are subject to rigorous quality control and are available in a huge range of sizes and colours. Kingspan stainless steel tanks are made using genuine BlueScope steel and are available in the full range of Colorbond colours. From discreet urban solutions to hardworking rural applications, there is a Kingspan rainwater tank to suit any build.

Water tanks available at Dahlsens

Slimline water tanks

Help your clients save money on their water bills with our range of discreet, slimline rainwater tanks.

Suitable for urban areas, these tanks don’t require a lot of space and can be installed almost anywhere on a residential house block.

Despite their relatively small profile, slimline rainwater tanks can greatly reduce mains pressure by providing an alternate water source for tasks like flushing toilets and watering the garden.

Rapid Plas slimline water tanks

Rapid Plas slimline water tanks are made from Australian made UV 20 rated hexane polyethylene.

  • Available in sizes from 500L to 5000L
  • Available in 24 modern colours
  • Sleek styles to suit any home or business
  • All models include a stainless-steel strainer, dust cover and overflow kit
  • Available to be delivered direct to site from Albury Wodonga up to south east Queensland

Melro slimline water tanks

Manufactured locally in Victoria, Melro food grade poly water tanks are available in several slimline designs.

  • Capacity options ranging from 1010L to a whopping 10,010L
  • Ball valve and overflow strainer included
  • Available in a range of colours to suit any build
  • WaterMark certified (Licence WMK:21567)

Kingspan slimline water tanks

Kingspan slimline rainwater tanks are thoughtfully designed and made from genuine BlueScope AQUAPLATE steel.

  • Available in sizes from 2000L to 10,000L
  • Available in a wide range of Colorbond finishes
  • 20 year corrosion warranty and 10 year construction warranty
  • Includes inlet strainer and fitted outlet with brass ball valve

Under deck water tanks

For a discreet way to store rainwater without sacrificing yard space, under deck water tanks are the solution. Say goodbye to water shortage problems and protect the visual lines of your clients home by installing a concealed under deck water tank unit. Under deck water tanks direct rainwater from roof and gutter systems into a convenient, hidden tank.

Benefits of under deck water tanks

  • Water temperature stays cool as it’s protected from direct sunlight
  • Algae growth is significantly slower in cooler storage conditions
  • Tanks can be installed under existing decks
  • Tanks can be thoughtfully hidden with a newly designed deck

Melro under deck water tanks

Browse our range of Melro under deck rainwater tank solutions suited for customers with limited land space.

  • Capacity options from 1000L to 3000L
  • Ball valve and overflow strainer fitted as standard to 1000L and 2000L models
  • Ball valve and coupling fitted as standard to 3000L model
  • Certified to Australian Standard AS/NZS 4766 Polyethylene Storage Tanks for Water and Chemicals
  • Council prescribed stormwater detention and retention systems customisations available

Underground water tanks

For clients with extremely limited land space who want to save money on their water bills, underground rainwater tanks are an ideal option. An underground rainwater tank can be installed on very small residential blocks, with one popular placement option being under the driveway.

Benefits of underground rainwater tanks

  • Keeps valuable square footage available for gardens, lawns and vehicle parking
  • Underground water tanks keep water cool during the warmer seasons
  • Lack of direct sunlight greatly reduces the amount of rainwater lost to evaporation
  • Underground rainwater tanks are protected from vandalism, hail and other extreme weather

Melro underground rainwater tanks

All underground Melro poly water tanks are suitable for potable water and ideal for small lots in urban areas.

  • Constructed from high-quality polyethylene
  • Capacity options from 2500L to 5500L
  • Lid supplied on all models
  • Inlets, pumps and other fitting options available

Round water tanks

The harsh Australian climate and its resulting water restrictions can provide a significant challenge for clients, particularly in rural areas. Round rainwater tanks are a robust above ground water storage solution for customers who want to store a large amount of rainwater in an easy to maintain tank. Round rainwater tanks can also provide a fuss-free smaller rainwater storage solution for urban residential applications.

Benefits of round rainwater tanks

  • Easy installation keeps your labour costs down
  • Easy to connect to rainwater harvesting systems
  • Easier to clean and maintain than other rainwater tank shapes
  • Geometrically one of the stronger rainwater tanks available

Rapid Plas round water tanks

  • Available in sizes from 500L to 5,000L
  • Made using high-quality food safe polyethylene
  • Classic corrugated look for added strength
  • Available in more than 20 colours

Melro round water tanks

  • Available in sizes from 500L to 50,000L
  • Available in a range of colours to suit your vision
  • WaterMark certified (Licence WMK: 21567)
  • Certified to Australian Standard AS/NZS 4766

Kingspan round water tanks

  • Available in sizes from 3,000L to 10,000L
  • Able to withstand extreme weather conditions
  • Made with genuine BlueScope steel
  • Higher capacity rural and commercial options available

Water tank fittings and accessories

Water pumps

Melro water pump

  • Multi purpose garden pump with pressure controller
  • 60L/m
  • Max head height of 40m
  • Dry run protection prevents the pump operating when no water is available

Small water pump kit

Includes hose connection kit, 50L/m pump and matching pump cover

The pump included in this kit has enough pressure to run multiple water outlets in a small house or granny flat, wash a car or run multiple garden hoses and sprinklers.

  • External, water cooled pump
  • Integrated pressure controller, pre-filter and non-return valve
  • 3 tap pump
  • Max head height of 39m
  • 3 year warranty

Large water pump kit

Includes hose connection kit, 100L/m pump and matching pump cover

The pump included in this kit has enough pressure to run all water outlets in an average sized home, wash a car or run a comprehensive sprinkler system with up to eight pop-up sprinklers.

  • External, multi-stage pump
  • Integrated pressure controller
  • 8 tap pump
  • Max head height of 48m
  • 2 year warranty

Water pump covers

Melro pump cover

  • Protects your water pump from the elements
  • Can cover most pumps (including full mains switchover systems)
  • Wide opening for ventilation and connection access
  • Effective sound dampener
  • Tank colour match available

Rapid Plas pump covers

Rapid Plas pump covers are available in more than 20 colours to suit your tank and aesthetic. Available pump covers include:

  • Small pump covers
  • Small pump covers with cutouts
  • Large pump covers

Fire fighting pump and hose kit

Melro Fire Hose VIC CFA Adaptor Kit

  • 50mm outlet (installed at factory)
  • 50mm gate valve
  • Victorian standard CFA adaptor
  • Can be installed below existing outlet (for maximum readily available tank water)

A Victorian standard CFA adaptor can also be supplied separately and simply screwed into the primary 50mm gate valve.

Hose connection kits

Melro hose connection kits

  • Available in 600mm or 1500mm lengths
  • High-quality, sturdy food contact suction hose
  • Two threaded 25mm connectors
  • Suits all 25mm threaded female tank outlets

Water tanks, pumps and hose kit warranties

Here at Dahlsens, our commitment to our customers doesn’t end at delivery and installation. In the unlikely event that you experience an issue with a Dahlsens supplied product, we’ve got your covered. Simply let us know what’s happened, and we’ll put our supplier relationships to work and take care of the warranty process for you. Focus your energy on what matters most knowing that Dahlsens is negotiating a winning solution with the supplier on your behalf.

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