LVL Compliance Concerns

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The challenges with timber supply are expected to continue throughout 2022, and while the recent floods and heavy rainfall in NSW and QLD temporarily relieved the pressure on framing timber supply, the devastating conflict in Ukraine has increased the challenges on the availability of LVL.

With Russia supplying around 25% of Australia’s LVL requirements, the disruption to supply is expected to open the doors to new sources of LVL. Some of these alternative sources of LVL may not be compliant with Australian Standards which presents risks to the Australian building industry.

Rest assured, when you purchase LVL from Dahlsens you can be confident that you’re buying a compliant product, supplied with the correct certifications and documentation to back it. To ensure the integrity of our LVL, Dahlsens chooses to partner exclusively with Australia’s major LVL importers, including Meyer Timber, Tilings, ITI and Dindas, who are trusted for their rigorous due diligence processes.

While we are working around the clock to leverage our buying power to supply as many customers as possible and minimise price impacts from our suppliers, we understand that there may be times when you need to purchase your LVL requirements from other suppliers. In that instance, we share with you an industry paper to help you verify the compliance of LVL. Produced by the Timber Development Association, the paper features instructions to identify NCC compliant structural timber products.

Download your copy of ‘Identifying NCC Compliant Structural Timber Products’

Dahlsens will continue to monitor supply chain challenges and costs closely and keep you updated. If you’d like to know more about our LVL or timber supply, please contact your local store or account manager.