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Dahlsens goes from strength to strength as one of Australia’s largest residential and multi-residential prefab manufacturers, with 16 manufacturing sites in operation. Rely on our team of specialists, ever-expanding technology, network capacity and our ongoing developments to help keep your projects delivered on time and on budget.

Truss and frame from Dahlsens

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on site installing prefabricated truss and frame from Dahlsens.

Roof trusses

Save time on site with prefabricated roof trusses from Dahlsens. Delivered to the site’s top plates and ready to install, roof trusses are a cost effective solution for reducing build time and delays on site.


Our experienced design team will work directly with you, to provide the best fit and best quality product for your specific requirements, including easy to read installation layouts and design computations.

Ease of Installation

Dahlsens’ roof trusses are custom designed to your specifications and delivered direct to site. We manufacture our roof trusses using specialised equipment ensuring uniformity and quality. We supply each project as an entire package with all required ancillaries and documentation to complete your project quickly.

Cost effective

Dahlsens supply roof trusses with long clear spans (10–15m) without internal supports. No timber waste left onsite, reducing your skip fees.


Truss and frame manufactured by Dahlsens is available with Pryda Speedtruss™, a game-changing solution for roof truss installation. Thanks to the preinstalled SpeedTruss™ screws that connect the trusses to the top plates, you can do away with triple grips and save up to a day of installation time.

Wall frames

Prefabricated wall frames supplied by Dahlsens offer quality design and maximum efficiency by saving you time onsite. All jobs can be manufactured using treated timber – a benefit builders can sell to their end users.

Cost Competitiveness

Our frames are designed to your requested specifications and delivered direct to your site, reducing build times and labour costs. The software used by our experienced design team allows us to optimise timber components, loading requirements and reduce wastage compared to onsite stick built alternatives.

Engineered Design

Our experienced design team use specialised design software to ensure our frames meet or exceed all relevant Australian design codes, including bracing.


Truss and frame manufactured by Dahlsens is available with Pryda FastFix™ Internal Wall Screw (IWS), a fast, safe and error-free alternative to the traditional and often incorrectly installed L Brackets which connect the bottom chords to wall frames. IWS is a one-piece fixing, which speeds up installation time.


Thanks to the new FastFix™ Framing Screw from Pryda, available as standard on all prefabricated truss and frame from Dahlsens, carpentry crews won’t need to attach stud ties after the second top plate is installed (when designed), saving up to 3-4 hours on site.

Flooring systems

Dahlsens offer prefabricated flooring systems which not only speed up installation onsite, but also cater for long spans, cantilevers and depths to suit any loading requirement.

Design Advantages

Dahlsens’ flooring systems reduce and eliminate the need for additional structural materials and onsite labour. Large cantilevers and long spans over 7m can eliminate the need for interior support walls, timber and steel beams.

Cost Competitiveness

Dahlsens’ flooring systems are easy and fast to install. All end supports are manufactured to fit and no cutting or notching is required. Ease of access is enabled for following trades with flexible ducting, wiring and cabling easily run through the structural truss web profile.

Flooring System

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Visualise your 2D plan in 3D!

Dahlsens’ 3D View program is accessed via a QR Code that appears on your truss and frame manufactured plans to make it easy to understand the structure in the context of the surrounding space. In addition, 3D View gives you the following:

  • A real 3D view of the finished project before lifting a finger
  • The 3D model enables the homeowner to get a good understanding of how things will be laid out
  • The 3D model can be rotated for different perspectives and to gather additional views

The 3D view can be used before, during and after installation of your frame, floor or truss to give you a better picture of how to start, key intersections and as a checking tool.

Ask for Dahlsens 3D View to be included on your next layout.

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Partnering with Pryda

Dahlsens chooses to partner with Pryda, which has been at the forefront of the Australian building industry for over 50 years with their unique innovations that strive for safe, fast, smart and efficient manufacturing for builders. Pryda’s engineering software and full range of timber connectors and structural brackets supports Dahlsens to design and manufacture efficient and compliant designs and installation.

Pryda SpeedTruss™

Pryda SpeedTruss™ is a new and game-changing approach to roof truss design and installation available from Dahlsens. It’s a prefabricated truss system that functions like an assembly kit, incorporating pre-installed screws. The innovation reduces truss installation time by removing temporary fixing, and gets a thumbs up from certifiers for the accuracy it enforces on truss installation.

  • Pre-installed screws make installation faster and safer
  • Does away with triple grips
  • Most tie-downs at or below the top plate
  • Covered by Producer Statement giving peace of mind for certification
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Pryda FastFixTM Internal Wall Screw

FastFixTM Internal Wall Screw (IWS) is an innovative new solution from Pryda, that replaces the traditional and often incorrectly installed L Bracket which connects the bottom chords to wall frames.

A placement guide positions the screw vertically, with the correct off-sets to ensure it is driven up through the vertical centreline of the truss and the wall every time.

  • A fast, compliant connection
  • Real time savings in installation
  • Lines up perfectly every time
  • Installed from below the top plate, making it a safer work site
  • With the IWS, builders can work just two rungs up a ladder

Termite treated blue pine

Protecting homes from the inside out, termite treated blue pine gives homeowners a sense of security and reduces the need for regular treatments with costly chemical sprays.

  • 25-year warranty against structural termite damage
  • Little to no post-construction maintenance
  • Safe for homeowners, visitors to their homes and their pets


Our #1 focus is ensuring the product we supply you is compliant with all building codes. Reference guides for installation can be downloaded here:

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Dahlsens Families Companies is one of Australia’s largest truss and frame manufacturers.

Operating over 70 trade stores, truss and frame and other manufacturing sites across Australia, the business trades as Dahlsens in Victoria, New South Wales and the ACT, Cairns Hardware in far north Queensland, and Nortruss Hardware in Northern Territory and Broome, Western Australia.

Dahlsens is proud to be at the forefront of truss and frame technology that helps you complete quality projects on time and on budget.

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