Commercial and domestic solutions

Prefabricated steel truss and frame you can trust

With steel framing increasingly being specified in commercial, government, health and education builds, and demand growing in residential building, Dahlsens recognised the need to provide a prefabricated steel product that is high quality and industry leading.

Located in East Gippsland, our steel truss and frame manufacturing facility supplies steel framing for construction of apartment complexes, modular and low-rise building using leading edge technology and the highest quality steel.

We produce and deliver steel roof trusses, wall frames and floor systems to domestic and commercial builders and construction companies across Gippsland, Melbourne, Canberra and southern NSW.

Efficient, expert supply and leading-edge technology

Enjoy a high quality product, efficiencies, and a hassle-free process when you organise your full building package of steel prefabricated wall frames, roof trusses and floor systems from Dahlsens.

Our frames are constructed from Australian-made BlueScope TRUECORE® steel that is lightweight yet strong, and won’t shrink, warp or twist over time. Our design and engineering software of choice is Scottsdale Construction Systems to ensure all our frames are made with precision and supplied with easy-to-read installation layouts.

Expert advice from our detailers is readily available whenever you need it, along with cost-saving suggestions and technical advice. We work closely with you to ensure delivery of framing meets your buildings schedule, and every order is delivered with everything you need, in full and on time.

Partnering with brands you can trust

TrueCore Steel

Roof trusses

Save time on site with reliable, prefabricated steel roof trusses from Dahlsens. Delivered to your site, ready to install, Dahlsens steel roof trusses made from BlueScope TRUECORE® steel are a consistent, strong, cost effective and efficient solution for reducing build time and delays on site.


Our experienced design team work directly with you. Using Scottsdale Construction Systems design and engineering software we provide a precise and high quality product for your specific requirements and include easy-to-read installation layouts and design computations.

Trusses are formed using a top hat steel profile and bolted together, creating a high strength-to-weight ratio. Virtually any shaped roof truss can be produced including coffered ceilings, parallel chord trusses, curved trusses, and dual pitched trusses. You also have to option of a hybrid design such as pairing timber wall frames with steel roof trusses.

Ease of Installation

Dahlsens’ roof trusses are custom designed to your specifications and delivered direct to site. As the trusses are made from light gauge TRUECORE® steel, they are lightweight yet strong and easy to handle. This allows for a fast installation and improves safety on site.

Your roof trusses will be precisely made using specialised, industry leading equipment according to your specifications. This guarantees a uniform and quality product. Each project is supplied as an entire package with all required ancillaries and documentation to complete your project quickly. Pneumatic nail fixings are also available for cladding and fix out.

Cost effective

Dahlsens steel roof trusses have a high strength-to-weight ratio that enable long clear spans without internal supports. No waste is left onsite, keeping your site cleaner and skip fees down.

As the trusses arrive to your site prefabricated with clear installation instructions, they are quick to erect reducing overall build time.


Dahlsens fabricate steel roof trusses at our factory in Newmerella in East Gippsland, Victoria, and deliver to the wider Gippsland area, southern NSW, Melbourne and the ACT. Other delivery zones may be possible on request. Find out how a complete package of prefab steel framing can save you time on site, contact our experts at Dahlsens Steel Truss & Frame to get the ball rolling.

Dahlsens Steel Truss and Frame - EVCG Group

Wall frames

The quality design, efficiency and reliability of prefabricated BlueScope TRUECORE® steel wall frames by Dahlsens save you time in the framing stage to reduce the overall build time.

Cost Competitiveness

Our steel frames are designed to your requested specifications and delivered direct to your site, reducing build times and labour costs. The Scottsdale Construction Systems design and engineering software used by our experienced design team allows us to optimise components, loading requirements and reduce wastage compared to onsite stick built alternatives.

Engineered Design

The Scottsdale specialised software ensures our steel frames are manufactured precisely and meet or exceed all relevant Australian design codes, including bracing. This allows for the use of in-wall K Bracing to provide sufficient bracing to suit today’s architectural trend for short wall lengths due to large windows and open-plan living.

Walls are available in 70mm, 90mm and 140mm widths. Any shape of wall such as a raked wall can be manufactured, and notches for services such as commercial HVAC can be embedded in the design.

Designs are independently certified by a qualified engineer with a Regulation 126 certification provided.


As the Dahlsens’ steel wall frames are lightweight, easy to handle, and come with pre-installed service holes to facilitate fast installation. Further efficiencies are achieved by the perfectly straight, square, and plaster and cladding ready frames.


Dahlsens manufactures prefab steel wall frames in East Gippsland and delivers to sites across greater Gippsland, Melbourne, southern NSW and the ACT. Other delivery zones may be possible on request. Find out how our team of truss and frame experts can help you with a whole package of steel framing on your next build; contact Dahlsens Steel Truss and Frame to get the ball rolling.

Dahlsens Steel Wall Frames

Flooring systems

Dahlsens offer prefabricated steel flooring systems which not only speed up installation onsite, but also cater for long spans, cantilevers and depths to suit any loading requirement.

Design Advantages

Dahlsens’ flooring systems reduce and eliminate the need for additional structural materials and onsite labour. Large cantilevers and long spans can eliminate the need for interior support walls, timber and steel beams.

Cost Competitiveness

Dahlsens’ steel floor joists are easy and fast to install. All end supports are manufactured to fit and no cutting or notching is required. Ease of access is enabled for following trades with flexible ducting, wiring and cabling easily run through the structural truss web profile.


Dahlsens own and run 16 truss and frame manufacturing facilities in total with prefabricated steel floor systems being produced in East Gippsland. We deliver steel framing to the wider Gippsland region, Melbourne, southern NSW and the ACT. Other delivery zones may be possible on request. Find out how a complete package of prefab steel framing can save you time on site, contact Dahlsens Steel Truss & Frame to get the ball rolling.

Truecore Steel

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Visualise your 2D plan in 3D!

Dahlsens’ 3D View steel framing program, SketchFab, is accessed via a QR Code that appears on your truss and frame manufactured plans to make it easy to understand the structure in the context of the surrounding space. In addition, 3D View gives you the following:

  • A real 3D view of the finished project before lifting a finger
  • The 3D model enables all stakeholders such as the builder, engineer, owner, and architect to get a good understanding of how things will be laid out
  • The 3D model can be rotated for different perspectives and to gather additional views

The 3D view can be used before, during and after installation of your frame, floor or truss to give you a better picture of how to start, key intersections and as a checking tool.

Ask for Dahlsens 3D View to be included on your next layout.

3D View logo

Our steel truss and frame partners

Dahlsens chooses to partner with Scottsdale Construction Systems and BlueScope for their TRUECORE® steel because of their proven, reliable and innovative construction solutions.

Dahlsens Steel Truss and Frame with Truecore Steel

BlueScope TRUECORE® Steel

The distinctive blue finish of TRUECORE® steel comes from BlueScope’s corrosion resistant coating technology. From day one TRUECORE®  steel comes with many benefits including:

  • Lightweight and easy to handle
  • Consistent and reliable inner strength
  • No shrinking, twisting or warping over time – less chance of sticking windows, jammed doors and wavy roof lines
  • Fire-resistant – the perfect solution in bushfire prone areas
  • Termite, European borer and lyctid borer resistant
  • Requires no post-construction maintenance
  • Mould resistant
  • 100% recyclable

Scottsdale Design and Engineering Technology

For over 20 years Scottsdale has been dedicated to delivering and supporting the most advanced light gauge steel wall frame and truss technology.

Headquartered in Australia, Scottsdale is renowned in the industry for their superior and versatile software and hardware systems. Through our partnership with Scottsdale, Dahlsens are fully supported from design to manufacture to deliver precisely-made, quality and compliant steel framing that is easy and efficient for builders to install.

  • State of the art building design software
  • Interprets architectural designs into steel panel designs
  • 3D design tool provides full visibility from any angle
  • 2D and 3D views
  • One adjustment automatically and accurately recalibrates the design
  • Easy to follow installation instructions
Dahlsens truss and frame design

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Dahlsens Families Companies is one of Australia’s largest truss and frame manufacturers.

Operating over 70 trade stores, truss and frame and other manufacturing sites across Australia, the business trades as Dahlsens in Victoria, New South Wales and the ACT, Cairns Hardware in far north Queensland, and Nortruss Hardware in Northern Territory and Broome, Western Australia.

Dahlsens is proud to be at the forefront of truss and frame technology that helps you complete quality projects on time and on budget.

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