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Timber Framing – The Ultimate Renewable™

It’s time to spread the remarkable green story of timber framing. Consumers are asking for it. Timber framing is not only the best structural solution for Australian homes, it’s also the only one that’s 100% renewable and sustainable. When you build with timber framing, you’re helping to tackle climate change and build a better future for the next generation.

The results are in

With 80% of your prospective clients wanting to know about timber framing’s green credentials we have an opportunity.

Research shows that:

  • 78% of consumers would like an eco-friendly building material option from their builder
  • However, less than half of builders are likely to recommend sustainable materials to their clients

That’s why we have developed these new resources to educate, remove any barriers and empower people to share timber framing’s environmental benefits.

The creative resources

The suite of free creative assets are coming soon and are designed to celebrate:

  • Our industry’s contribution in helping our planet
  • The benefits of timber framing (durable, reliable, workable, etc.)
  • The tens of thousands of people across our industry who are helping implement environmentally sustainable practices

You’ll get unlimited access to an entire suite of assets that can be shared across your social and digital platforms, presented to prospective clients, displayed in your office and display suites, and used to proudly share the message across every touch point. The resources include videos, brochures, fact sheets, social assets and more.

Stay up to date
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Join the ever-increasing group of builders getting ready to put timber in the frame and build a better world.