Give your clients the gift of year-round natural light and fresh air with Dahlsens’ wide range of modern skylights and stylish roof windows. Whether you’re looking for a discreet natural light solution, or an architectural feature designed to make a major impact, we have a skylight or roof window to bring your vision to life.

Our skylight and roof window supplier

VELUX Australia manufactures high quality double glazing skylights and roof windows for both residential and commercial applications. VELUX have been operating in Australia for more than 30 years and their skylights have been rigorously tested to withstand even the toughest Australian conditions. VELUX are passionate about daylight, fresh air and creating better living environments for people all over the globe.

Skylight supplies

Dahlsens can supply a skylight solution catered to your exact needs. We carry stylish and convenient skylight options including:

  • Pitched roof skylights
  • Flat roof skylights
  • Electric skylights
  • Solar skylights
  • Sun tunnels

Fixed (pitched) roof skylights

Add more light to pitched roof rooms with a VELUX FS Skylight. Ideal for applications where clients would like to maximise daylight and do not require additional ventilation.

  • Double glazing improves energy efficiency
  • White painted interior wood frame and sash
  • Grey outer aluminium cappings
  • Low profile does not obstruct the roofline
  • Available in 11 different sizes

Flat roof skylights

When you want to bring natural light into rooms with flat roofs, choosing the right skylight is key.

VCS Solar Skylight

  • Solar panel harnesses daylight for power
  • Concealed battery
  • Built-in rain sensors

VCM Manual Skylight

  • Manual openable
  • Pre-installed insect screen
  • Natural ventilation

FCM Fixed Skylight

  • High performance laminating glazing
  • All metal exterior frame
  • Simple, fuss-free option

Electric skylights

The VELUX VSE Electric Skylight combines the energy savings of free daylight with the convenience of modern technology.

  • Preinstalled electric motor, control system and rain sensor
  • Skylight closes automatically when rain is detected
  • Low profile does not obstruct the roofline
  • Available in 9 different sizes
  • Approximately 80% heat block
  • White painted interior wood frame and sash

Sun tunnels

When it comes to bringing natural light into a build with limited roof space, sun tunnels can’t be beaten. Made from highly reflective material, sun tunnels direct sunlight straight into hard to reach rooms. VELUX sun tunnels are available in rigid and flexible options, both designed for easy installation.

  • Rigid and flexible tunnels available in 350mm diameter
  • Multiple lengths available
  • 4mm toughened external glass
  • ‘Stay Clean’ coating on glass exterior for easy maintenance

Highest quality skylights

VELUX are serious about the quality and durability of their products. VELUX skylights and roof windows have been designed to handle any extreme elements Australia can throw at them.

Water tested

VELUX roof windows and skylights have passed the same watertightness testing as roof tiles (AS4285) and are suitable for clients living in areas with significant rainfall.

Cyclone tested

Particularly in Far North Australia, cyclonic conditions can spell trouble for glass building products. VELUX High Performance skylights have passed testing (AS4285) designed to mimic tough cyclonic weather conditions. VELUX High Performance skylights are suitable for clients in regions prone to cyclones.

Heat and UV tested

VELUX are one of the few skylight products to be certified by the Window Energy Rating Scheme (WERS) for use in residential applications. For summer performance, VELUX skylights received the maximum 5 star WERS rating. All VELUX skylights are:

  • Double glazed
  • Argon gas filled
  • Low E3 coated

High Performance double glazing blocks up to 80% heat transfer and 99% of harmful UV rays.

Bushfire tested

VELUX High Performance skylights have a BAL 40 rating and have been exposed to temperatures of 930° degrees during testing. These products are suitable for use in builds located in bushfire prone areas.

Sound tested

A VELUX skylight can do more than bring natural light into your client’s home, it can also protect them from unwanted noise. In a highly regulated CSIRO testing facility, VELUX skylights were able to significantly reduce noise from airplanes, jack hammers and sirens.

Hail tested

Although hailstorms can be devastating for glass products, there is surprisingly no official hail test for glass skylights in Australia. Not willing to leave anything to chance, VELUX has tested their skylights using a heightened version of the American Solar Collector Hail Impact Test (ASTM E822-2009). During testing, a VELUX skylight was able to withstand simulated cricket ball sized hailstones making impact at 172 kph.

Load tested

VELUX skylights have been load tested to withstand a:

  • 50kg tyre hitting its weakest point
  • 110kg concentrated load on its two weakest points for one full minute

Safety tested

VELUX skylights are extremely tough and those with high performance double glazing are AS1288 compliant. In the unlikely event that a VELUX skylight does break, it will be kept in one piece thanks to the laminated safety glass inside.

Roof window supplies

Purpose built for manual, in-reach operation, openable roof windows allow your clients to flood their attics or loft spaces with natural lighting. Convenient vent flaps give your customers the freedom of enjoying all day ventilation without having to keep their windows open.

Centre pivoting roof windows

The VELUX GGL centre pivoting roof window is ideal for in-reach applications where ventilation is desired. A short pull on the top control bar activates passive ventilation, even when the window is closed. A second pull on the top control bar allows the window to rotate up to 180°.

  • High rotation for easy cleaning
  • White pre-painted sash and frame
  • Laminated double glazed window

The VELUX GGL is available in five different sizes, and insect screen is available to fit.

Dual action roof windows

The VELUX GPL dual action roof window is a dual action, openable roof window suited for in-reach applications. It is an ideal solution for clients who wish to maximise rooftop views, introduce natural lighting and increase ventilation.

  • Bottom handle enables top-hung opening
  • A short pull on the top control bar activates passive, natural ventilation
  • 180° rotation for easy cleaning
  • Laminated double glazed window

The VELUX GGL is available in five different sizes, and insect screen is available to fit.

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