At Dahlsens we take pride in being driven by visionary leaders who are dedicated to making a positive impact. Our leadership team is made-up-of individuals who bring a wealth of experience, expertise and a shared commitment to our values; take responsibility, grow together, and everyone contributes.

Our values

Leading Dahlsens is our CEO, Geoff Dahlsen. A fifth generation Dahlsen, Geoff is dedicated to driving our strategic vision while maintaining the family values that underpin our business. His leadership style is characterised by humility and a genuine passion for running a successful business that has heart.

Team of experts

Assisting Geoff is our dedicated team of experts, each bringing their unique skills and perspectives to realise Dahlsens’ vision and mission. This team includes branch and assistant branch managers, supervisors, trade counter sales team members, goods inwards, drivers, regional managers, account managers, estimators, detailers, yardspeople, production assistants, administration clerks, buyers, safety specialists and various professionals who make up our support office team. Together, this team works to ensure that our business operates smoothly and efficiently, always striving for excellence. Many of our team members have been with us on our journey for decades.

Our leaders are not only focused on achieving business success for Dahlsens, but also on creating a positive impact in the lives of our team members, customers and the wider community. We believe that strong leadership is the foundation of any successful business.

At Dahlsens, we are dedicated to delivering exceptional customer care, supporting the growth and success of the people and businesses we work with, while making a positive impact on the community.

Meet our leaders

John Dahlsen


John is the proud owner of J C Dahlsen Pty Ltd, holding 100% ownership of the group known as Dahlsens Family Companies. With more than 50 years of experience as a commercial lawyer and an MBA from the prestigious Melbourne Business School, John operates from the Notting Hill Support Office in Melbourne, providing invaluable expertise to Dahlsens. John’s extensive background in leadership roles has equipped him with a strong passion for customer service and a sharp business acumen.

He has served as the Chairman and Co-Founder of Southern Cross Broadcasting, Chairman of Woolworths, Director of ANZ, and Chairman of Melbourne Business School. John’s approach to work and life can be summed up by his motto, “Can do. I will do it now. I will do it with passion.” This mantra reflects his unwavering commitment to delivering exceptional results and his dedication to making a positive impact in both his professional and personal endeavours.

Geoff Dahlsen


With a qualification in law and an MBA, Geoff brings a unique blend of legal expertise and strategic acumen to Dahlsens.

Geoff’s journey at Dahlsens began in 1991, where he started his professional career. Although he briefly explored opportunities outside the company, Geoff’s dedication and commitment to the family business led him back to assume the position of CEO in 2002. Since then, Geoff has played a pivotal role in driving the growth and success of the Dahlsens Family Companies.

Under Geoff’s leadership, the Dahlsens Family Companies have expanded significantly and emerged as one of the leading independent suppliers of building materials in various regions, including Victoria, New South Wales, Australian Capital Territory, North Queensland, the Northern Territory, Darwin, and Broome. Geoff oversees the management of the group, including Dahlsens, Cairns Hardware, Townsville Hardware, Herbert Hall Hardware, and Nortruss Hardware. In addition to his role within the Dahlsens Family Companies, Geoff serves as a Director for respected buying groups Natbuild and Plumbing Plus. Through these positions, Geoff continues to contribute to the growth and development of the industry as a whole.

Jamie Dahlsen


Jamie has a diverse background in mechanical engineering and business management. After starting his career as a qualified mechanical engineer, Jamie made the decision to join the family business, Dahlsens, in 2003. This decision was influenced by his father, Bill Dahlsen, who served as the former Managing Director of the company, and his uncle, John Dahlsen.

Upon joining Dahlsens, Jamie took on the role of founding and leading the store development team. Under his guidance, the team supported a significant period of growth for the company.

Jamie’s exceptional leadership skills and business acumen led him to be entrusted with the responsibility of leading the truss and frame manufacturing division of the business. Additionally, he held a directorship role in the Dahlsens family property trust, further showcasing his ability to navigate complex business operations. Jamie has played a pivotal role in strengthening the company’s trade service capacity. During his six-year tenure within Dahlsens as General Manager, he successfully implemented strategies to enhance customer satisfaction and drive business growth. Now, as General Manager of Innovation, Jamie focuses on ensuring Dahlsens Family Companies maintains its competitive advantage in manufacturing, product range, and technologies. By looking to the business’s long-term horizon, Jamie plays a crucial role in driving innovation.

Mark Cooper


Mark is an accomplished leader with a strong background in the building and construction industry. As the General Manager of Dahlsens (southern division), Mark joined Dahlsens Family Companies in April 2019, bringing with him a wealth of industry experience and a drive to enhance Dahlsens’ logistics service to trade customers.

With full responsibility for managing manufacturing and store operations, as well as logistics, sales, marketing, finance, and safety, Mark has demonstrated his ability to effectively oversee multiple facets of the business.

Prior to his role at Dahlsens, Mark gained valuable experience working in his family’s plumbing business for ten years, gaining a deep understanding of the challenges and dynamics of a family-run enterprise. Mark’s expertise extends to operational management, having worked on the factory floor in a truss and frame plant before progressing to the role of detailer and eventually plant manager. His most recent position as National Trade Operations Manager at a large corporate hardware retailer further solidified his reputation as a capable leader in the industry. With his extensive knowledge and dedication to customer service, Mark is committed to driving Dahlsens’ success and delivering exceptional value to our customers.

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