• Timber always on trend

    Timber is one of the oldest and most reliable building materials and it’s trending hot today in internal cladding. Add the natural warmth of timber to your next project for a striking new design surprise from this old, trusted favourite. Designer Ply Smooth and sleek, this treasure from the mid-century...
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  • Making timber in the 21st Century

    We hear from Timberlink about how they use the latest technology to give you the most consistent stick of timber Timber is often thought of as an old-fashioned industry – lumberjacks and flannelette shirts might come to mind! But the reality is Timberlink, like most thriving Australian manufacturers, is able...
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  • Taking decking to the next level

    The latest product to join the Dahlsens decking range, NewTechWood, is taking composite decking to the next level, pioneering the industry with its cutting-edge UltraShield 360° capping. 360° capping – an outer polymer shell – provides the wood plastic composite with an ultra-protection guarantee designed to increase durability, lock out...
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  • Hamptons style: the easy way

    Offering a unique combination of heritage features with a fresh coastal twist, it’s no wonder Hamptons style is in demand with homeowners here in Australia. So how do you build a timeless period home using modern methods and materials? Clean and crisp design Clean lines of horizontal cladding and a...
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  • Finger jointed merbau, a less expensive alternative

    Offering a clean finish, time efficient install and cost effect timber choice, finger jointed merbau could offer you and your client the perfect decking solution. Why finger jointed merbau? Everything you need to know. It's affordable Finger jointed merbau is consistently less expensive than standard merbau products. Highly durable Finger jointed...
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  • Qikpanel: timber flooring technology to give you the edge

    Discover the Qikpanel floor cassette system Qikpanel by Qikfit Floors is a low profile, prefabricated timber floor cassette. Qikfit Floors are designed specifically to provide a cost and speed advantage over the conventional flooring systems used for large spans and second storey floor installations. At Dahlsens our experienced team understands exactly...
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  • Five expert tips for nailing the Hamptons look

    Nailing the Hamptons look is easy with our simple. five-step guide. Step 1: Weatherboard The clean lines and period feel of weatherboard are essential for an authentic Hamptons home. Scyon Linea cladding delivers the perfect look but is easier to install and more durable than timber. Step 2: Windows Windows are...
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  • Timber: the benefits of nature-inspired design

    When it comes to building materials, wood is both the oldest and the newest choice, evolving in use from the purely functional to the truly beautiful. Extracts from the recent Planet Ark report, Wood – Nature Inspired Design, explore some of the health and wellbeing benefits of exposure to this most...
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  • Timber floor adhesives: Polyurethane vs FloorBond XMS

    For a great looking timber floor installation that is both safe and easy to install, selecting the right tools and materials makes a difference. When it comes to timber flooring adhesive, Polyurethane (PU), the basis of popular products such as Bostik’s UltraSet SF, has been the ‘go-to glue’ for many...
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  • Eight ways cassette flooring can improve your build

    What is cassette flooring? Cassette flooring systems can provide a cost effective way to swiftly construct a complete working platform in as little as a few hours. With their innovative design and easy installation cassette flooring systems can result in: 1) Improved quality Cassettes are pre-fabricated off-site in a factory...
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