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  • Managing cash flow

    Financial challenges in business are constant and those of us in the building industry face a multitude of hurdles. Most recently we’ve seen the fallout from the Royal Commission into misconduct in the banking industry, with the effects being amplified by COVID-19. With banks cracking down on lending, it has...
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  • Grow your business with one easy move

    Are you struggling to find time to work on your business rather than in it? Takeoffs, estimating, quoting, job management, knowing your profit margin, admin… It all takes up your valuable time. If your business isn’tgrowing in the direction you’d like, it's time to make progress and considerdigital technology as...
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  • 8 takeaways from our Win More Work webinar

    Dahlsens recently partnered with Buildxact, an Australian online estimating and job management software company, and Kurt Hegetschweiler, a specialist industry business coach, to deliver a webinar around strategies for builders to get ahead of the competition. We wanted to share with you the top 8 takeaways from the webinar. 1  Don’t let...
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  • Dahlsens' network grows

    WELCOME MIDCOAST TIMBER CENTRES Dahlsens is a 143-year-old, family owned and managed building materials supplier that began in the Victorian town of Bairnsdale in 1877. Today, we are one of Australia’s largest truss and frame manufacturers and operate 55 trade sites throughout the country. Midcoast Timber Centres has been part...
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  • From prospect to purchaser

    Converting quality leads into good business A key focus in the last edition of Trademark was lead generation, with our ten top ways for getting your phone ringing hot with potential customers. In this edition, we take the next step: looking at strategies to convert would-be home buyers into happy...
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  • Get social to boost your business

    With an astonishing 80% of Australians now on social media (Sensis), a presence on the right platform offers a very effective tool to promote your business. It can project an image of professionalism and help potential customers learn more about your business and easily contact you for work. Getting underway...
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  • 10 Top Ways for Builders to Generate Leads

    No matter what size business you are running, the ability to generate high-quality leads is crucial to long-term success. Consistency of leads – and the effort involved in generating them – is also key to avoiding the feast or famine roundabout, or worse, an empty pipeline. Dahlsens is here to...
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  • Win more work: the art of effective marketing

    Introducing the Builder’s Marketing Plan Brought to you by Dahlsens Has your business been riding the wave? Has word of mouth kept you busy enough until now? Do you advertise until you have enough work and then back off, only to run out of projects? Maybe you’ve invested in marketing...
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  • Succession planning...

    What is it and why your business needs it Planning for the future of your business – or ‘succession planning’ – is not only a plan for retirement, it’s a plan for managing the unexpected. “Succession planning is all about clarity, and articulating how your business can continue to operate...
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  • 5 tips for building a successful business

    John and Geoff Dahlsen There may be no one-size-fits-all recipe to sustained business success, but with tenacity and focus the challenge can generate lasting reward. Both John Dahlsen, owner and co-chairman of the Dahlsens group, J C Dahlsen Pty Ltd, and son, Geoff Dahlsen, CEO, understand this sentiment well. “There...
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