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  • How to build a reputation as an employer of choice

    Tips for builders to find and keep great talent Across Australia, the HomeBuilder stimulus has been especially successful, spurring a massive demand for renovations and new detached homes. Some regions have recorded their highest activity levels in a decade – helping thousands of businesses and self-employed trades to thrive. With...
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  • Safety is a shared responsibility

    At Dahlsens, the safety of our community, team members and customers is our number one priority. Every one of us deserves to go home safely to our families every single day! We continue to work hard to foster a culture where people make safe choices, and accept a zero tolerance...
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  • Culture: The key to a quality result

    If you want to go fast, go alone; if you want to go far, go together. Great teams are built from great leadership. We asked a Dahlsens partner, Leading Teams – Australia’s most respected experts in the culture and leadership space – to provide practical advice on how to build...
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  • How to turn things around when facing insolvency

    Working in construction certainly isn’t easy right now, but it’s not all doom and gloom. While external factors are impacting business, by putting the right actions in place at the right time, Rapsey Griffiths says it’s possible to thrive. Turnaround and insolvency firm Rapsey Griffiths understands what tough times in...
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  • Industry Whip-Around - August 2021

    For your information, below is a compilation of news and updates compiled from referenced sources. HIA Building Approvals Data, August 2021 Globally, timber supply cannot meet demand Unprecedented demand for framing timber is at record-high levels right across the world, including here in Australia.  The boom of the global population's...
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  • Australian Made for the great Aussie builder

    Who doesn't prefer to buy local, made in Australia products wherever, whenever they can? Home owners and their builders are no exception. You should be pleased to know that most building materials used in Australian construction are made right here in Australia. When it's made and supplied locally, you're supporting...
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  • The power of partnering up

    Dahlsens throws everything it can at developing genuine partnerships with our customers and suppliers. Business to business, trust and reliability is earnt. We foster an obsessive approach to understand and anticipate the needs of your business, to tailor our service to enable you to prosper and grow. When you choose...
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  • This could be your best year yet

    This is not the year to operate as normal, rather it’s the year to propel you into the most profitable year of your business life. Dahlsens asked Harry Pontikis, Director of Chocolate Money, for his advice to builders on how you can take advantage of this year’s construction boom. Last...
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  • New at Dahlsens! A smarter way to build a roof

    New and game-changing from your Dahlsens truss and frame team! The benefits of the Pryda SpeedTruss™ pre-installed screws system are loud and clear to customers who have jumped on board. Find out for yourself how you too can save time – here’s the low down. A new approach to roof truss...
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  • Gamechanger!

    Five ways to estimate faster and more accurately Save time, increase your efficiency and maximise your profit with Buildxact. Do you spend days doing takeoffs using paper plans and a ruler? Do you go back and forth with your supplier to get accurate pricing for your estimates? Only to then...
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