Whether you’re looking to create a seamless indoor-outdoor lifestyle for your clients, or you’re wanting to recommend the right solution to suit their needs, the decking experts at Dahlsens are here to help. We can offer you a complete, one-stop solution for all your decking requirements, delivered directly to site or available for pick-up from one of our many convenient locations in Melbourne, Sydney, Canberra, regional Victoria and regional New South Wales.

Timber or composite – brown, grey or blonde – whatever the style of deck that your clients desire, Dahlsens can help you deliver with a comprehensive range of decking supplies. Plus, you can add it to your 30-day account. Too easy!

Your one-stop shop for decking supplies

Save time and source all your decking materials in one go from Dahlsens. We are your convenient, one stop shop for all things decking including:

  • Decking timbers including merbau, treated pine, spotted gum, ironbark, blackbutt and silvertop ash
  • Low maintenance composites including TimberTech, Trex, NewTechWood, ModWood and Millboard
  • Posts, bearers and joists
  • Metal subfloor systems from ClickDeck and Spantec
  • Fasteners and brackets
  • Cement

Why source your decking materials from Dahlsens?

When you source your decking supplies from Dahlsens, you’re choosing an independent and family-owned and operated business that has been in the building industry for over 145 years and counting. Our friendly team can provide expert advice on products and installation, connect you with representatives from manufacturers – should you need additional support, and source supplies for your next project.

Dahlsens is a whole of house one-stop shop for building supplies. We’ve got everything you need, from foundation to fit out. Forget tracking invoices from multiple suppliers, simplify your purchases by adding them to your 30 day account with one convenient statement!

Our decking suppliers

Composite decking solutions

Composite decking is experiencing a significant surge in popularity, and with good reason. Clients everywhere are loving the set and forget, ultra low maintenance nature of composite decking, as well as the variety of colours and timber-look finishes available to suit any style of build.

Find out more about composite decking brands available at Dahlsens, the home of composite decking:

NewTechWood composite decking

Boasting a 25 year limited warranty, NewTechWood is one of the most natural-looking composite timbers available. Designed to withstand the harsh Australian climate, NewTechWood features UV protection, slip resistance and anti-fading qualities. Available in a huge range of colours and finishes, NewTechWood can be customised to meet your specific needs.

Trex composite decking

Since 1996, Trex has invented, defined and perfected the composite deck category with a line-up of low-maintenance, high-performance products that fundamentally change the way we live outdoors. The number one decking brand in the world, Trex composite decking boards feature a convincingly realistic timber look and are made in the USA. Manufactured from 95% recycled materials, Trex boasts richer, longer-lasting colour palettes and natural timber grain patterns.

TimberTech composite decking

The TimberTech decking range provides excellent performance while boasting stunning designs, a huge array of colours, natural, and inspired wood grain patterns and industry-leading warranties up to 50 years. Featuring realistic textures with low-gloss and wire-brushing finish options, these durable composite boards are available in an extensive range of colour palettes designed to be indistinguishable from natural timber. Available in TimberTech Azek, Pro and Edge – each with scaling price points, designs and warranties.

ModWood composite decking

The original Australian made composite decking, ModWood, comes in a range of sizes, colours and finishes, giving your clients the ability to create residential and commercial outdoor spaces that combine function and style with low-maintenance convenience. ModWood is available in Flame Shield, a specially formulated ModWood board with a fire retardant additive that can be used in areas up to BAL-40, and XTREME GUARD, a capped decking board that provides added durability and mould and mildew resistance.

Hardwood decking timber

Hardwood is a durable and attractive decking option which is able to complement both traditional and contemporary builds. Dahlsens supplies a full range of hardwood decking timbers including:

Merbau timber decking

Merbau is an extremely durable and cost efficient hardwood timber with rich tones varing from golden-brown to dark red. Merbau can be identified by its distinctive wavy grain and is one of the few timbers classified as bushfire-resistant in Australia. This hardwood contains plenty of natural oils which help prevent shrinking, cracking and splitting.

Spotted gum timber decking

One of the more common hardwood options in Australia, Spotted Gum is a termite resistant hardwood which can last more than 40 years with proper maintenance. This timber comes in a range of colours from light grey and off-white to deep brown variations. Oils and stains can be used to customise the timber for your needs.

Blackbutt timber decking

Native to Australia, Blackbutt is a light coloured timber, ideal for customers seeking a coastal or Scandinavian look. Available in shades from light brown to golden yellow, this straight grain hardwood is termite resistant and fire rated up to and including BAL 29.

Ironbark timber decking

When it comes to durability, Ironbark can’t be beaten. Ironbark is the heaviest and densest Australian hardwood, and can last 40 years or more with proper maintenance. Both Red Ironbark and Grey Ironbark are readily available in colours ranging from pale grey to red and brown.

Silvertop ash timber decking

Another timber with good fire resistance qualities, Silvertop Ash is a home-grown, moderately durable hardwood. Sometimes referred to as ‘Coast Ash’, this timber has a medium texture with distinctive growth rings and interlocked grain features. Ranging from brown to light red, Silvertop Ash is a solid option sure to please most clients.

Metal subfloor systems

Dahlsens partner with ClickDeck® and Spantec™ so you can build the best metal subfloor in aluminium or steel that meets your project’s requirements.

Talk to us about free design and takeoff services for your metal subfloor.

ClickDeck Aluminium Subfloor System

ClickDeck® aluminium subframe system

ClickDeck is Australia’s premier modular subframe aluminium decking system that allows you to build cost-effective decks as low as 28mm, confident in the knowledge that they will last.

The full range of residential and commercial applications include decking subfloor, tile support system, temporary/event flooring, shed subfloors, disabled ramps, raised access floors.

  • Build as low as 28mm and up to 500mm
  • Suitable for timber and composite decking, tiles, artificial grass and more.
  • Building code compliant
  • Easy modular system
  • Loose supply, cut onsite
  • Comes as 2.4m x 3.6m and 6m lengths
  • Customisable including curved and angled edges
  • Free design and takeoff services

Read more about ClickDeck.

ClickDeck Aluminium Sublfoor System

Spantec™ steel subfloor system

Spantec subfloor systems provide you with the flexibility of spans up to 6m long, and time saving efficiencies as everything is cut to size and pre-drilled. Being made from steel, it is lightweight yet strong and ideal for decks from 250mm in height up to 6m high thanks to the Spantec Ezipier system.

  • Range of sizes from 100 x 50mm up to 250 x 50mm
  • Deck joists can span up to 6m unsupported
  • Lightweight & dimensionally accurate
  • Beams manufactured from a Z450 coating as a standard
  • All beams come cut to size, saving on wastage onsite
  • Ezipier system can support decks up to 6m in the air
  • Ezipier system has a built in, certified termite inspection point (no ant capping required)
  • Free design and takeoff for areas over 55m2
Spantec Steel Decking Subframe Systems

Decking supply locations

Wherever you’re building, there’s a Dahlsens trade store nearby. Our extensive range of decking supplies are available via our locations across Sydney, Melbourne, Canberra as well as Albury Wodonga, Wagga Wagga, Deniliquin, Griffith, Mildura, Echuca, Swan Hill, Ballarat, Myrtleford, Pakenham, Warragul, Sale, Bairnsdale, and Lakes Entrance in regional Victoria and Morisset, Gosford, Nowra in regional New South Wales.  Click here for our full range of trade stores. 

Decking warranties

In the unlikely event that there is an issue with your product while it’s under warranty, you can rest assured that Dahlsens will take care of it. Simply contact your local Dahlsens branch and we’ll coordinate a resolution on your behalf.

Decking FAQs

Which timber is best for decking?

Which timber is best for a project is wholly dependent on your clients lifestyle and needs. While Ironbark hardwood is a popular choice due to its strength and longevity and merbau is a favourite for its cost effectivness, hardwood timber does require regular maintenance. Clients with mobility issues, busy schedules or young children may prefer composite decking boards which tend to be lower maintenance and will not splinter.

What size timber should I use for decking frame?

The size of the timber you should use for your decking frame will vary. Factors that may influence this include:

  • Size and weight of the decking boards
  • What kind of furniture or equipment your customer will be storing on the deck

Contact the decking experts at Dahlsens for advice tailored to your project.

What is the life expectancy of a wood deck?

The average lifespan of a timber deck is around 10 to 15 years. The actual longevity of a deck is highly dependent on the type of timber, location, proximity to water, techniques used during the installation process, and the maintenance it receives. With proper care, a high quality timber deck can last up to 40 years or more.

What is the best low maintenance deck material?

Composite decking is typically made from wood fibres and recycled plastic. It is a great, low maintenance option for the average homeowner. Composite decking boards require very little cleaning or maintenance and do not splinter, warp or crack.

Looking for timber or low maintenance composite decking?

Dahlsens stock a range of options from suppliers such as Trex, NewTechWood, ModWood, Timbertech and HardieDeck. Not only can we provide the right decking boards to complement your build, we’ve got all the accessories too. From support posts, bearers and joists to fasteners and brackets, we can supply everything from the cement up.

Want to learn more? Get in touch today