FLAMEfixx dFx® achieves BAL-40 fire safety rating for treated pine

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In response to the devastating 2009 Black Saturday bushfires, the Australian Government introduced Bushfire Attack Levels (BAL). While the rating system strives to make homes more robust in the face of bushfires, it can present challenges for builders and homeowners alike. 

Budget blowouts, building materials compromises and changes to the desired style of the project are all common when building in high BAL-rated areas.  Up until recently, material choices for external enclosed substructures have been limited. For projects requiring BAL-29 and above ratings, the favoured choice of treated pine has not met conditions. 


That was until FLAMEfixx dFx®, the world’s first BAL-40 rated treated pine and a complete game-changer, came on the market. Extensively tested to meet the requirements of BAL-40, FLAMEfixx is impregnated with industry-leading dFx® technology that combines a globally approved, durable wood preservative and a proprietary fire-retardant. 

How it works 

When exposed to fire, FLAMEfixx dFx self-extinguishes the flame leaving a slightly blackened surface and the structural integrity of the timber intact.

What you need to know

  • Enjoy the flexibility and familiarity of working with timber in high BAL rated locations
  • Safe for use in high contact areas like housing and playgrounds, and meets the Health, Safety and Environmental requirements for currently approved wood preservatives
  • 25-year performance warranty for protection against fungal decay and termites when installed in exterior, above-ground applications
  • Meets BAL-29 and BAL-40 requirements as set out in the Australian Standard AS3959-2018
  • Protects against fungal decay and insect (termite) attack to hazard level 3 (H3) 

FLAMEFixx Range: 

BAL-40 Range

H3 Structural 

90 x 45mm MGP10 

140 x 45mm MGP10

190 x 45mm MGP10

240 x 45mm F7

290 x 45mm F7

Lengths available: 3.6m, 4.2m, 4.8m, 5.4m & 6.0m


H3 Premium Decking

90 x 22mm

Random length (heavy 4.8)


BAL-29 Range

H3 Premium Screening

68 x 19mm 

Random length (heavy 4.8)


Want to know more about this new technology? Speak to your Account Manager or local store and see how you can access BAL-29 and BAL-40 rated treated pine.