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Securing our homes from harm is of high priority to many. We protect our investments with security systems and insure them against damage, but what about the damage that can’t be insured? Like the destruction from termites?

It is increasingly becoming standard practice for builders to offer a guaranteed solution to protect their clients’ homes from termite damage with a termite treated house frame. Sourced from preferred supply partners to Dahlsens, Timberlink, with Timberlink Blue and Hyne Timber with Hyne T2 Blue, termite treated timber is safe and reliable.

Building with termite treated blue pine

  • According to AS3660, the use of termite treated timber is approved when building to resist termite attack, as is the use of a barrier system. Note, local councils should be consulted to ensure the deemed-to-satisfy conditions are met
  • Reduce trades on site by removing the need to install a termite barrier
  • Timberlink Blue and Hyne T2 have been used in hundreds of thousands of builds, without a single failure due to termite damage recorded

Upsides for homeowners

  • Peace of mind with a 25-year warranty against structural termite damage
  • Little to no post-construction maintenance, unlike other termite systems such as barriers, meshes and chemical sprays
  • Safe for homeowners and their pets
  • Choosing a timber frame helps to reduce the greenhouse gases that contribute to climate change

What’s in it for the builder?

  • Showcase your commitment to enduring quality
  • Offering termite treated blue pine as an upgrade option for homebuyers could lead to more profit
  • Homebuyers will appreciate the small initial outlay for the substantial peace of mind
Interested in switching to termite treated blue pine or want to know more? Talk to your local store or account manager.