Introducing Beam 15 – The solution you’ve been waiting for

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The world’s unprecedented demand for engineered wood products is at an all-time high, with pressure on the local timber industry to ramp up production to make products more readily available.  

Valued supplier to Dahlsens Hyne Timber has responded with Beam 15 – a high-performance timber product made in Australia and engineered to handle long spans and critical loads as an alternative to LVL. This is an entirely new grade of glue-laminated timber (GLT) that’s more readily available to support record-breaking market demand.

As a natural resource, wood fibre is subject to the forces of nature. The high-grade feedstock Hyne recover from their sawmilling operations for GL17 beams has been steadily declining.

Enter Beam 15. Made using high-strength, custom graded laminates, Beam 15 looks identical to Hyne’s Beam 17 and can also be used in almost all applications where GL17 is specified.

Where to use Beam 15 

The renowned natural strength of timber is enhanced with Hyne’s glue laminating process, ensuring Beam 15 is comparatively lightweight and ideal for long span and high load applications. Beam 15 is ideal for lintels over large window and door openings, garage openings or roof beams where spans over large spaces are dictated by design.  

Beam 15 is also suitable for indoor and outdoor, above-ground applications and is available in commonly specified sizes and lengths.

Accreditation you can trust

As a proprietary product, Hyne has run Beam 15 through a myriad of tests to ensure consistency in performance and compliance with the building code.  

Beam 15 has been assessed by an independent third-party accreditation program, which verified that Beam 15 complies with the National Construction Code (NCC) and meets the Australian standards in manufacturing and design – AS1328.1 and AS1720.1.

A GLT Properties Guide can be downloaded here. If you’re looking for engineering solutions, try Hyne’s free design software, Hyne Design accessible via the Hyne website.

Available through Dahlsens, learn more about Hyne’s GL range by, speaking to your account manager or local store.