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When starting a new build, renovation, or even a simple update, the endless options and decisions you face can sometimes feel overwhelming. But don’t worry. We have a way to simplify the process and bring a sense of flow and continuity to your project, and it all starts with finding your home style.

Find the perfect door with Hume Doors & Timber

Modern Style

The modern style is known for its sleek and clean lines, open spaces and focus on functionality.
If your clients prefer a contemporary and uncluttered look, with an emphasis on minimal ornamentation and the use of natural materials, the modern style may be the perfect fit for them.

Hume product range options to consider for your modern style project:
Verve, Savoy, Linear, Illusion, Vaucluse, Sorrento, Linear Internal, Accent, Strata

Classic Style

The classic style is timeless, elegant, and refined. It embraces traditional architectural elements, rich textures, and sophisticated details.
Give your builds a sense of history with ornate mouldings, simple symmetry, neutral interiors and defined spaces.

Hume product range options to consider for your classic style project:
Savoy, Joinery, Regency, Carringbush, Vaucluse, Vaucluse Premier, Humecraft, Joinery Internal, Moulded Panel

Industrial Style

The industrial style is all about embracing the raw and unfinished aesthetic seen in factory and warehouse conversions.
Incorporate features like exposed brick, concrete, rustic building materials to build this look.

Hume product range options to consider for your industrial style project:
Linear, Savoy, Illusion, Newington, Nexus, Verve, Joinery Internal, Linear Internal, Accent, Strata, Frontier Barn Doors

Hampton’s Style

The Hamptons Style exudes coastal charm and relaxed elegance. Light and bright interiors with natural materials and a palette of soft white, blues and neutrals feature in this style home.
If your clients are looking to create a breezy and inviting space with a touch of sophistication, the Hampton’s style is the perfect choice.

Hume product range options to consider for your Hampton’s style project:
Haven, Savoy, Joinery, Regency, Vaucluse Premier, Carringbush, Hampton, Humecraft, Sorrento, Joinery Internal, Moulded Panel, Accent

Scandi Style

The Scandi style is all about creating a warm and inviting atmosphere with simplicity, functionality, and a focus on natural materials. Key features of this style are neutral colours, light-toned woods, and clean lines.

If your clients want to create a clutter-free, calm, and cozy home, the Scandi style may be perfect for them.

Hume product range options to consider for your Scandi style project:
Verve, Linear, Joinery, Vaucluse, Newington, Nexus, Hampton, Humecraft, Joinery Internal, Linear Internal, Accent