• What to include in a business plan

    Behind every successful business is a well-written business plan. But what should this document include? While there is no strict formula, most effective business plans share a few things in common. What should be in your business plan? According to Director at TR Consulting, Tim Roberts, an effective business plan...
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  • Why your business needs a business plan

    There is no single formula for achieving business success in any industry and building/construction is no exception. As a small or medium-sized business owner it can be a struggle to keep up with the daily grind and find time to work on your long term business objectives. A comprehensive business...
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  • Supplier spotlight: Unitex, for (great) service rendered

    Some suppliers do it so well. They understand their customers. They pride themselves in producing a great product and stand by its performance. They have great people and therefore great customer empathy and service. Dahlsens takes great pride in associating itself with such suppliers and taking their products to our...
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  • Cladding: we spotlight Victoria's leading manufacturers

    More than just bricks Any builder will tell you that bricklaying can be a tediously slow process – a problem only exacerbated by the current shortage of brickie labourers. While bricks remain the primary cladding product in the market, innovation in materials means that builders now have more choice in...
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  • Blay Builders: Well established with an enviable reputation

    Blay Builders’ founding owners, Gary and Kayleen Blay, have worked extremely hard over 30 years to grow their East Gippsland building business. Starting out as a husband and wife team, Blay Builders has grown to an organisation of 11 staff, employing over 60 local contractors. With a target of 45 homes...
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  • Timber floor adhesives: Polyurethane vs FloorBond XMS

    For a great looking timber floor installation that is both safe and easy to install, selecting the right tools and materials makes a difference. When it comes to timber flooring adhesive, Polyurethane (PU), the basis of popular products such as Bostik’s UltraSet SF, has been the ‘go-to glue’ for many...
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  • How to build healthier, more comfortable and energy efficient homes

    Australia has one of the harshest climates in the world. This means selecting the right wall wrap, roof sarking, insulation and ventilation directly impacts the comfort and durability of the homes you build. At Dahlsens we stay continually abreast of the latest approaches and products for effective climate control in...
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  • Dahlsens: celebrating 140 years

    When you meet a Dahlsen, you’ll pretty quickly discover that they love a good yarn, as long as it’s not about themselves. But truth be known, the Dahlsens story is a pretty incredible one, reflected in the continued strong support for the company, from customers and employees alike, now 140 years...
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  • Energy efficient construction: how to prevent condensation

    The drive for energy efficient buildings has resulted in higher levels of insulation in the roof space and walls, as well
 as reduced air leakage due to modern, energy-conscious building practices. While these new construction methods have delivered significant energy-savings, they have also dramatically changed the temperature and moisture balance...
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  • Contemporary beach side design: how to get it right

    A pair of townhouses in the picturesque coastal destination of Safety Beach, on the Mornington Peninsula, showcase a contemporary, beachy design that’s built to last. Completed in 2015 by new building and development company One Project, these dwellings have been built from materials that create a modern beach-chic façade that...
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