Builder spotlight: Inception Homes

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The brainchild of Michael Baxter, Ben Tyler and Hamish McDougall, Inception Construction Group comprises three core business sectors – residential construction, commercial construction and concrete/demolition works.

The Group, known as Inception Homes, is the result of a merger between each team member’s individual company. A business decision that Hamish explains, “seemed smarter and more efficient for all of us. It made sense to stop contracting to one another all the time and simply start working together.”

“The formation of Inception Homes was very smooth. We have all been working with each other for a long time and each of our individual businesses had projects on the go as we rolled out our new branding so we were able to avoid any gap in income.”

Located in Sale, Victoria, Inception Homes has consolidated a core customer base of well-established couples and families ready to commit to a quality, rather than price-driven, residential build.

“At Inception Homes, the quality of our build and satisfaction of each of our clients is our primary focus,” explains Hamish.

“Our tagline is ‘Your Home is our Passion’ and it is true. We really enjoy what we do and we are proud of it.”

Specialising in custom homes, and design and construct builds, the team at Inception Homes works closely with clients from beginning to end, providing professional communication, consultation and clarification through each stage of the project.

Combining their trade and operations experience, Michael, Ben and Hamish offer a range of custom fixtures including custom shelving, fireplaces, bath and shower niches, skillion roofs, lightweight cladded homes, ducted heating and cooling and down lights.

“We take pride in customising each of our projects to suit the individual taste and requirements of our client. Each detail from custom toilet roll holders to landscaping are complete before we hand over the keys,” says Hamish.

Excellent results and positive word of mouth has helped Inception Homes craft a lasting reputation for reliability and quality. However, their commitment to branding does not end there with a website in production and a very active Facebook page.

“We understand the power of marketing and have received really positive feedback regarding our Facebook page. Many of our customers, their friends and family engage with our posts – we love it! This has also enabled us to build greater trust with our clients as they can see our work, know it is of high quality, and always compliant.”

“Due to our location, our clients are often RAAF families, which means they have lots of close relatives and friends living interstate. Facebook allows us to make sure everyone they care about has the opportunity to feel part of their big project.”

The owners of Inception Homes are quick to acknowledge the role Dahlsens has played in providing sustained business support throughout their journey so far.

“The staff at Dahlsens always go out of their way to help our business grow. Regularly letting us know when there are local projects up for tender, sourcing specific products when required or keeping us up-to-date with supply.”

We wish you continued success, Michael, Ben, Hamish and team.