Builder spotlight: Les and Nev Hutchings Pty Ltd

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Swan Hill builder and local business owner Nev Hutchings celebrated his 80th birthday this year and can’t imagine slowing down any time soon!

“I love being able to go out and meet new people each day. I’m a big believer in building strong personal connections to ensure each of our projects is a success,” says Nev.

“It is a good feeling to know that I have built something that is going to be there well after I am gone.”

Co-founder of Les and Nev Hutchings Pty Ltd, Nev established the successful business with is late brother Les in 1983. Today, its reputation remains strong among the leading building companies in the local area.

The foundations

Nev and his family moved to Swan Hill from Melbourne in 1965, to complete the project of a local builder who went broke.

Fast forward more than 50 years and Les and Nev Hutchings Pty Ltd is responsible for the construction of most of the schools in Swan Hill. Their list of accomplishments includes St Mary’s Primary School, St Mary MacKillop College, Son Centre Christian School and Harrison Hall at Swan Hill College. They are also behind the refurbishment of the local town hall.

“I enjoy working on the construction of schools. It is definitely more of a challenge and gives us something different to do,” says Nev.

Nev and his team of three – two full-time builders and a fourth year apprentice – are currently working on the Alcheringa building for Swan Hill Primary Care. Across a four-year period, this project has included both refurbishments as well as the build of Stradbroke Hall.

This is a slightly unusual timeline for the team, with a commercial build regularly completed in a nine month period. Traditional residential homes are typically fulfilled within three to four months.

The trick to sustained business success

The secret to Nev’s lasting business success?

Good old fashioned hard work.

“We just do very good work with absolutely no shortcuts even if this means a build takes more time or costs more money,” explains Nev.

“Everything in business has its challenges including maintaining momentum, working fast without compromising on quality and training up new apprentices along the way. Success is all about applying sound judgement throughout these times and working hard to get the job done.”

Responsible for the training of 45 apprentices throughout his career – nearly 46 – Nev has trained many of the builders who now comprise the local competition. Unfazed, Nev is always happy to train up a new apprentice and to see them experience industry success.

Strong supplier relationships are another key to his business success explains Nev, a long time customer of Dahlsens.

“Dahlsens Swan Hill have been really good to me over the years. I know all of the staff pretty well and they are all really friendly, providing service straight away if you need something. And the prices are good!”

“My relationship with Dahlsens is very important for our business because they look after us and we look after them.”

We wish you continued success, Nev and team.