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Allchin Builders’ expansive mono truss project
Dahlsens’ truss and frame manufacturing experts take pride in helping customers grow their business with the streamlined design and construction of intricate roof installations. This complex work is made possible by Dahlsens’ longstanding partnership with Pryda – pioneers in the frame and truss industry.

This dynamic partnership is behind some of Dahlsens’ customers’ most complex builds including Allchin Builders’ latest undertaking – an impressive eight-bedroom, 90 square family home.

Specifications of this home include a roof with a varied pitch that requires extensive spans of mono truss – a project that not all truss and frame manufacturers would be able to complete.

“Allchin Builders began working on this project in November 2017. Dahlsens have worked with us right from the beginning,” explains Leigh Allchin, owner of Allchin Builders – a custom building company located in Warragul, Victoria.

“The Dahlsens team have provided myself, my foreman and site supervisor with extensive support from day one. Dahlsens are always available to resolve our queries or make time for a meeting onsite.”

Dedicated to being the best

Andrew Sternberg, Dahlsens Truss and Frame Systems and Technical Manager, explains that Dahlsens is uniquely placed to deliver complicated, custom truss and frame designs due to its people, resources and equipment.

“Dahlsens employs a range of designers with varying expertise and backgrounds across its eight Truss and Frame (TAF) Manufacturing sites around Victoria and southern New South Wales,” said Andrew.

“This depth of capability in-house enables Dahlsens to service each builder and their specific project needs.”
Not resting on its laurels, Dahlsens proactively strives to continually improve its detailing, manufacturing and installation processes, with every gain being a value add for its builders.

“We are ahead of the game when it comes to training, rules and regulations. Our customers can count on it,” said Andrew.

These improvements are made possible due to the close working partnership that Dahlsens shares with Pryda, and its industry-leading software, Pryda Build.

According to Ian Ashby, Sales Manager Pryda ANZ, Pryda Build is a simple yet powerful tool that helps to achieve efficient and compliant truss and frame design and installation.

A little more about Pryda Build

A sophisticated computer software program, Pryda Build was developed with in-depth engineering and design expertise to streamline the truss and frame design and installation process. It manages the process from estimate to quote, design, product and product delivery and generates compliant and effective designs using initial inputs from CAD drawings.

Pryda Build provides Dahlsens’ staff and customers with a touchpoint at every stage of the truss and frame process from quote generation, detailing and production to product delivery explains Afzal Laphir, Engineering Manager Pryda ANZ.

Ongoing training and support

Training is pivotal to ensure the Dahlsens team are well equipped to generate compliant and cost-effective truss and frame designs.

An individualised training matrix is at the heart of the training program. All Dahlsens’ detailers and engineers work through each stage of the training matrix to spot any knowledge gaps. This process is followed up by one-on-one training, where necessary.

“Compliance is vital to the design and construction of every build. A deep knowledge of the Pryda Build software is the first step toward ensuring every element of the truss and frame design and installation meets, or surpasses, Australian codes and standards,” says Andrew.

Reliable, on-time delivery and streamlined manufacturing

Once the correct product orders have been determined and sent out by the Dahlsens team through Pryda Build software, Dahlsens’ truss and frame manufacturers work hard to secure the reliable, on-time fulfilment of each order.

As a major manufacturer of truss and frame across the region, Dahlsens employs hundreds of employees each with a sustained commitment to detailing accuracy and workmanship, clear communications, meeting project timelines and exceptional post installation services.

A unique business model that integrates manufacturing services with the supply of building materials, means Dahlsens has their finger on the pulse of cutting-edge industry developments.

Dahlsens understands that current labour challenges will only continue to heighten the need for prefabricated truss, wall and floor options that are regularly employed to reduce onsite labour costs and erection times and are well positioned to meet these quotas for builders.

Pryda and Dahlsens: the future

For Pryda and Dahlsens the future rests heavily on innovation of practice – in particular site installation safety.

“Together we are focused on innovation to improve onsite safety,” explains Ian.

“Our focus includes the delivery of continued improvements to achieve safer, smarter, faster and easier design, manufacture and installation of timber truss and frame.”

If you’d like to find out how Dahlsens can leverage these technologies to build complex, or even standard roofing systems for your business, give Dahlsens a call!