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In the competitive world of business, standing out from the crowd is a constant effort. While pricing, quality, and customer service influence success, some business owners may underestimate the strength of a company’s values, and its impact on people, culture and progress. Fowler Homes demonstrates that when a business lives its values, it can prosper.

A family-owned and operated company, Fowler Homes was recently ranked 19th in NSW in the HIA Colorbond® steel Housing 100 and recognised as the Master Builders NSW Contract House of 2023 in the $1.5m-1.8m category.

Christian Romano at Fowler Homes, the Estimating and Procurement Manager, says that values have allowed them to cultivate robust and mutually beneficial relationships with team members, clients and suppliers, which has helped their business become the success story they are. Christian remarks, “Our core values of honesty, passion, respect, communication and innovation guide and align us.”

The role of values

At Fowler Homes, the significance of values is deeply ingrained in their work culture.

“We’ve come a long way since our humble beginnings as a small concrete company,” says Christian. “Our journey has transformed us into a respected home building company, specialising in affordable luxury homes. Our commitment to hard work and adherence to our values have been pivotal in our success.

“We consistently share our values across all our socials, all our platforms, and we stay true to them in the same way Dahlsens does. It’s not just lip service. It defines how we work, for example, we work hand-in-hand with the owners of Dahlsens—we’re two businesses driving positive outcomes for both teams. We’re dedicated to mutual success; we’re part of each other’s family.” says Christian.

Honesty and integrity in client relations

Maintaining strong client relationships hinges on honesty and integrity, a principle highly valued by Fowler Homes. When clients present specific requests, Fowler Homes occasionally finds it necessary to have candid conversations about feasibility.

Christian explains, “In today’s landscape, clients often research and explore their options online. We’re only as good as our suppliers, and when our supplier commits, we can promise our clients that we will bring their vision to life.”

Instilling values: roadmap for success

While Fowler Homes has a rich history that has allowed values to organically become an integral part of their business, Christian believes that newer companies can also reap rewards by adopting values. He advises other builders to establish their own set of values to guide their operations, emphasising that values provide purpose, direction, and significantly enhance overall performance.

“Having a set of values provides guidance and ensures that we consistently bring out the best in our teams and partners,” Christian notes.

The power of people and relationships

Fowler Homes places importance on the people within their organisation.  They view their team, suppliers and trades as their most valuable assets. By prioritising relationships and investing in their partners, Fowler Homes has cultivated a network it can trust. This approach has enabled effective communication and the attainment of shared objectives, resulting in efficient operations and happy clients.

Christian says, “Our company’s strength lies in our people. Without our team, we are nothing. We emphasise this repeatedly. Our suppliers and trades are critical to our success.”

Innovation and setting apart  

To differentiate themselves in a competitive market, Fowler Homes has consistently pursued innovation and carved out a unique market niche. They have successfully positioned themselves by offering affordable luxury homes that blend the advantages of project homes with high-end finishes and customisation. This innovative approach has allowed them to distinguish themselves and attract clients seeking both quality and affordability.

Values serve not only as a compass for daily operations and decision-making but also as catalysts for business growth and success. When businesses prioritise people and relationships, they create an environment that fosters trust, collaboration, and ultimately, success.

“We value authenticity, so our dealings go beyond mere business transactions. We share a genuine partnership and mutual support, which I’ve witnessed in my 13 years in the industry,” Christian says.

Thank you Christian for sharing your insights on the significance of values. We wish you and the team at Fowler Homes continued success.