• What fire rated wall solution is best for your build?

    At Dahlsens we supply a range of Fire Rated Wall Solutions designed to satisfy the BCA’s Provisions for internal walls and shafts, external walls close to boundary properties and floors and roofs in multi-residential construction. Here’s our selection of the top Fire Rated Wall Solutions in our range: CSR Gyprock Shaft Liner...
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  • Sun safety: on-site essentials

    The health risks associated with the harsh Australian sun are a constant focus of public health campaigns and news headlines. A depleting ozone layer and consistently high UV index underscore the sun's impact – it's no surprise that Australia tops the list for incidence of skin cancer worldwide, with more than 750...
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  • How to build healthier, more comfortable and energy efficient homes

    Australia has one of the harshest climates in the world. This means selecting the right wall wrap, roof sarking, insulation and ventilation directly impacts the comfort and durability of the homes you build. At Dahlsens we stay continually abreast of the latest approaches and products for effective climate control in...
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  • Energy efficient construction: how to prevent condensation

    The drive for energy efficient buildings has resulted in higher levels of insulation in the roof space and walls, as well
 as reduced air leakage due to modern, energy-conscious building practices. While these new construction methods have delivered significant energy-savings, they have also dramatically changed the temperature and moisture balance...
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  • Fire safety: how to select the right fire separating walls

    Fire separating walls are proven to improve the overall fire safety of a building and are now a requirement for Australian construction projects. The required level of fire resistance for external walls near a boundary and walls that separate one occupancy from another are specified in the National Construction Code...
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