How to build healthier, more comfortable and energy efficient homes

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Australia has one of the harshest climates in the world. This means selecting the right wall wrap, roof sarking, insulation and ventilation directly impacts the comfort and durability of the homes you build.

At Dahlsens we stay continually abreast of the latest approaches and products for effective climate control in built environments. Here’s our guide to the latest innovations and best products on the market today:

Insulation: how can bulk insulation help?

In winter, around 42% of a home’s heat is lost through the ceiling and 24% is typically lost through the walls. Heat flows into the home at similar rates in summer.

High R-Value glasswool insulation installed in the ceiling and wall cavities forms a highly effective barrier to heat movement. The higher the R-value, the better the insulation will work.

Correctly installed bulk insulation allows heating and air conditioning to be used less often and on lower settings. And that means greater home comfort and larger savings on energy bills.

Wall wrap and roof sarking: why you need them on your build

Air leaks are a year-round issue. In winter they allow valuable warm air to escape and unwanted external cold air to enter, while in summer, the reverse can occur.

Weather barrier wall wrap and sarking can restrict the entry of draughts and dust through walls and roofs, and boost the performance of bulk insulation.

Uncontrolled air flow through the house shell can also carry moisture into the frame cavity, increasing the risk of condensation forming. This can cause wood rot, poor indoor air quality and lead to hidden mould growth, which may cause staining to internal linings and trigger asthma and allergies for occupants.

Vapour permeable wall wrap and roof sarking membranes reduce condensation risk by allowing any water vapour that is generated inside the home to escape through the membrane and condense safely outside the building.

Ventilation: what makes it so important?

Installing effective ventilators is one of the least expensive and most energy-efficient ways to encourage beneficial, controlled air-flow into the home. Heat, moisture and condensation in the roof cavity or sub-floor areas can make the home feel uncomfortable and can cause unpleasant odours, mould and structural damage.

Natural roof ventilators and Smart roof ventilators can remove hot, stale and moist air from the roof cavity and replace it with cooler air from outside. Powered sub-floor ventilators can increase air movement and remove odours and moisture laden air.

To select the correct insulation, weather barriers and ventilators for your next project talk to a member of our experienced Dahlsens team today. Together with CSR Bradford, we can help you make the right selection and promote the benefits of an energy efficient home to your customers.