Codesafe: cutting-edge workplace safety technology

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At Dahlsens we understand workplace safety is critical to the set-up and smooth running of any construction site. Yet managing workplace safety can be complex and time consuming.

Help is at hand with Codesafe

CodeSafe is an innovative and multi-award winning smartphone app that simplifies workplace safety processes, improves compliance and bridges the gap between the office and work site. It has the power to give you more control of your OH&S risks, while improving quality outcomes.

No wonder Codesafe was awarded WorkSafe Victoria’s ‘Health and Safety Invention of the Year’ in 2013.

Codesafe and Dahlsens

When first introduced to CodeSafe, Dahlsens immediately saw the benefit to builders. True to our motto of simplifying and improving our builders’ processes, we decided to promote CodeSafe (and not profit from the collaboration). We believe that every builder should consider ways to make their site safer and this starts with better engagement of trades around site safety procedures.

“I founded CodeSafe in order to reduce occupational injuries,” explains former builder and founder of CodeSafe, David Broadhurst.

“As paperwork wasn’t working, we needed to look to technology to help reduce the risks of injury on site. And I knew the importance: I hurt myself a few years ago trying to lift a manhole cover and was bed-ridden for six months. I was in pain and unable to earn a living. It was the strongest possible motivation to do something about it.”

That ‘something’ was changing the way the office communicates with frontline workers. “We came up with a proposed solution, which was evaluated by RMIT and determined favourable. Then we partnered with Revelation Software Concepts to develop the software which is widely recognised today as a viable solution to reducing onsite injuries.”

How does CodeSafe work?

“First up, the QINCodeSafe app is easily downloadable to your smartphone, both Android and iOS,” says David.

“We call it ‘right here, right now’ visual communication: it’s mobile access to information when and where you need it. That means documents, pictures, text and even video for a specific piece of equipment, location or procedure is delivered direct to your smartphone instantly and on demand.”

How can CodeSafe benefit your construction business?

Assisting a builder to meet site safety compliance, CodeSafe can:

  • Provide quick and simple electronic inductions of workers to site through SmartForm technology
  • Provide the proof that workers or contractors are aware of and are engaging with required processes
  • Help to minimise paperwork by making it easy to input or access information
  • Deliver content to workers in an engaging way (watching a video is far easier than reading text, and not every trade on your site is literate or understands written English)
  • Provide photo evidence within a form of how work was completed to meet compliance, saving re-work costs and increasing profitability
  • Provide plant checklists that report real time back to the office and to site supervisors.

To find out more about CodeSafe, please email and we’ll arrange a no-obligation meeting with CodeSafe. You are also welcome to contact CodeSafe directly on 1300 475 557. Check them out at: