Decrease the stress of running your own business with these three simple steps

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It’s no secret that the construction industry can be a stressful workplace, and this is especially true when you’re running your own business. Long hours, tight deadlines, physical strain and risk of injury can all contribute to potential wear and tear on your mental health.

Recent studies suggest that a slide in mental health can lead to a decrease in productivity and consequently a hit to your bottom line. Taking steps toward maintaining positive mental health is therefore a vital strategy for business success.

As a business owner, your stress levels are amplified because you never really “clock off”, continually ensuring the profitability of the business and the health, wellbeing and productivity of your employees. Your own mental health can take a back seat to work and family obligations. Consider these few tips to help you function at peak mental performance and maintain motivation without taking up too much precious work time:

1) Focus on the wins

Business success is all about your attitude. Maintain a positive attitude by keeping your attention on each daily or weekly achievement – no matter how big or small – from meeting a client deadline to winning referral business.

Remember, mistakes and small losses are a natural part of business ownership and management – the key is to acknowledge, learn and move your focus elsewhere, adapting when things go wrong and pushing towards your long term goals. This may feel a little easier said than done at times and that is where steps two and three come in handy.

2) Take time out

Does the phrase “I can’t possibly go on holidays – how will the business survive without me?” sound familiar? While it’s tempting to never take time off for fear of being absent at important times, everyone needs a break and that includes you.

Schedule your own vacation times, give yourself the space to enjoy the company of your family and friends and make an effort to maintain the hobbies that you enjoy.

Removing yourself from the rhythm of your business and reflecting on its success can be a strong reminder about why you have gone to all this effort in the first place. Return with batteries recharged, outlook readjusted and a spring in your step. Your staff will also appreciate a reinvigorated boss!

3) Meditate

Meditation is an ancient practice that has gained increasing popularity among business owners for its ability to reduce stress and anxiety. A clear mind is a more productive mind.

Studies suggest that meditation reduces stress levels in participants. No longer lumped within the realm of hippy teachings or simply a religious practice, mediation is now embraced by businesses across the globe from Google to major mining corporations, health care professionals to high flying business executives. Why not your business? A quick session of morning yoga before the day begins isn’t as crazy as it sounds.

Meditation achieves best results when undertaken on a regular basis. This does not mean you have to attend a class, although workshops and classes are beneficial in helping you to discover exactly what type of mediation works best for you you. Meditations apps including the homegrown Smiling Mind and Headspace apps, are a cost and time effective means of developing your own personal (or team!) meditation routine.