Finger jointed merbau, a less expensive alternative

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Offering a clean finish, time efficient install and cost effect timber choice, finger jointed merbau could offer you and your client the perfect decking solution.

Why finger jointed merbau? Everything you need to know.

It’s affordable

  • Finger jointed merbau is consistently less expensive than standard merbau products.

Highly durable

  • Finger jointed merbau is made from select grade timber for the highest quality finish
  • It is natural resistant to fungi and insects like termites and dry wood borers
  • Holds an above ground durability class 1 that ensures a long decking service life
  • A long standing reputation as a superior quality product with 7 years of supply into this market, and ZERO recalls due to finger joint failure
  • 10 year limited replacement warranty (limited to replacement stock only; available while stocks last).

Environmentally conscious

  • Finger jointed merbau products are responsibly sourced from Rainforest Alliance Verified forest sources.

Working with finger jointed merbau

  • Available in 5.7m lengths for quicker installation, less butt joins and less screws used, saving both time and labour costs
  • Every length is laser straight and kiln dried to achieve ultimate stability
  • Like standard Merbau, it’s approved for use in bush fire-prone areas, compliant to BAL29 system.

Finger jointed merbau decking options are available from your local Dahlsens store or simply contact us here today. Already have an account with Dalhsens? Don’t hesitate to get in touch with your Account Manager for more information.