Paslode launches new and improved FrameMaster 2021

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The first upgrade in five years to the industry’s #1 framing nailer delivers clever new features enhancing performance, reliability, and user comfort.

How do you improve industry’s best-in-class cordless framing nailer?

Retain the features that propelled FrameMaster to the top spot following the 1986 launch of Paslode’s first-generation cordless nailer – and then apply engineering-led design and durability testing to add simple but powerful features to improve FrameMaster’s performance, reliability, and comfort.

The high-performance cordless nailer preferred by builders across Australia, FrameMaster 2021 features three key enhancements:

  • The addition of the by-pass follower and redesigned nail lip make nail loading faster and smoother – best-in-class performance
  • Longer fan runtime improves cooling during bouts of rapid firing and heavy workload – best-in-class reliability
  • A new rubberised grip improves handling and feel – best-in-class comfort

Paul Carter, Trade Marketing Manager at Paslode, says the subtle but significant improvements – five years in the making – reflect a product design ethos that has made Paslode’s cordless tools a builder’s favourite.

“Simplicity is everything, because asking builders to change the way they work simply doesn’t work. Product innovation starts and ends with the question: does it make the nailing job easier, safer, and faster?” he says.

Weighing in at just 3.3kg – industry’s lightest cordless nailer – FrameMaster’s best-in-class reliability rides on Paslode’s industry-famous impulse gas technology, leaving first-generation battery powered nailers in the sawdust.

Rigorous testing conducted by Paslode parent ITW’s global nailer testing unit bears this out, with the FrameMaster delivering consistent nailing performance over hundreds of thousands of shots, with some customers recording seven-digit shot counts!

The FrameMaster’s 2.2Ah lithium-ion battery drives 9,000 shots per charge.

Carter says that despite a bevy of tool manufacturers developing technology that ‘drives a nail’, their performance and reliability lags.

“The Paslode Fuel System allows us to make our tools lighter and drive nails more consistently, making FrameMaster the most reliable, top-performing tool on the market,” says Carter.

“You can’t beat FrameMaster for trusted performance and longevity. From framing, cladding, and roofing to decks and landscaping – FrameMaster delivers day after day, year after year, every time.”

Ask your Account Manager about the Paslode Framemaster 2021 today.