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Are you struggling to find time to work on your business rather than in it? Takeoffs, estimating, quoting, job management, knowing your profit margin, admin… It all takes up your valuable time. If your business isn’t growing in the direction you’d like, it’s time to make progress and consider digital technology as a new way of doing things. Your future success might just rely on you taking the plunge.

Dahlsens sees cloud-based estimating and project management software as the way forward for builders, and we’ve undertaken the extensive project of evaluating multiple software choices in the market. For custom home and renovating builders, we recommend Buildxact. Using construction software such as Buildxact to run your jobs from start to finish is an easier way of doing things.
If you’ve been thinking of making changes in your business, take the time to consider if Buildxact can help.

Hear how Buildxact is working for a customer of Dahlsens, Bryce Parker of Bryce Parker Homes.

Takeoffs up to 80% faster

If you’re stuck in the takeoff trap, spending endless hours each week quoting work and not winning as many jobs as you would like – Buildxact can help. The online software is designed to speed up the takeoff process and help you complete professional looking quotes up to 80% faster. The
more quotes you complete, the quicker you get them back to your prospects, the more you are likely to win.

Protect your profit with less mistakes

Using estimating software, you’ll be able to up the ante on the accuracy, reducing the number of surprises (e.g. costly variations) for you or your clients down the track. With Buildxact, you can upload price files from Dahlsens and create templates for costing projects to ensure you don’t
forget components. You will have more control over your bottom-line and your profit.

Increase your efficiency so that you can take on more jobs

Get more done on the go, freeing up those precious night time hours. Cloud-based Buildxact can be accessed from any device – anywhere; meaning you can tick off tasks throughout the day and stay on top of job management. This will help ensure that your jobs are delivered on time and to budget, enabling you to take on more work without having to work more hours.
Manage these tasks on the road:

  • Send purchase orders and invoices
  • Receipt goods
  • Update job schedules

Better control of your cashflow and profit

One of the key aspects of growth is having control of your profit, cashflow and margins for each job. The admin required to stay on top of this with traditional tools makes it almost impossible.
Buildxact can help you get your financials right by allowing you to track and manage your profitability in real-time.
Furthermore, it will help you analyse areas for profit maximisation, and assist you in ensuring you price your jobs for profit going forward.

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Book in a one-on-one demo now and see how Buildxact can help your business. Or, call the Buildxact Key Account Manager for Dahlsens, Steve Allison on 0412 199 961 to find out more.