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Five ways to estimate faster and more accurately

Save time, increase your efficiency and maximise your profit with Buildxact.

Do you spend days doing takeoffs using paper plans and a ruler? Do you go back and forth with your supplier to get accurate pricing for your estimates? Only to then find out that your customer has chosen another builder, one that quoted them faster? There’s a better way.

Dahlsens and partner, Buildxact, are committed to making running your business easier and simpler by improving your relationship between you and your supplier through technology.

1. Swap the paper plans and ruler for digital takeoffs

Do takeoffs online up to 80% faster and a lot more accurately. Reduce errors, get your quotes to customers quicker, and increase your profit.

“Doing takeoffs on Buildxact went from a 2–3-day process, to being able to do a couple of takeoffs a day.” Jason Amos, Estimator – McMaster Designer Homes

2. Save forgetting and use templated checklists, even for custom builds

A lot of builders use Excel to do their checklists, but it means your checklists aren’t automatically synced to the rest of your business systems. In Buildxact, you can estimate using a range of prebuilt checklist templates. You’ll have peace of mind first time, every time.

3. Access your Dahlsens price list live on Buildxact:

Your Dahlsens pricing is available in the Buildxact platform for you to use when doing takeoffs, estimates and quotes. When it’s time to order materials, send Dahlsens your purchase order with the same prices and product codes directly from your original estimate.

“You can just go on, get the product you want, and the price is there. I was ecstatic before Dahlsens came onto Buildxact, and now they’re on board, it’s just next level.” John Peros, Director – Peros Built

4. Use Dahlsens’ recipes/formulas

With recipes, all the components you need are packaged together, so you can simply do the takeoff and the quantities are automatically calculated. Dahlsens has just released recipes in Buildxact for walls, cladding and plaster, with more coming soon. So, to complete a pine wall estimation, simply trace along the wall and you’re good to go!

“[Recipes] are really easy and they save a lot of time.” Jordon White, Director – White Houses and Carpentry

5. Manage your RFQs to subbies online

Instead of calling subbies individually to quote, you can send your RFQs directly from Buildxact and then review and accept quotes in real time. Once you’ve selected your subbie’s quote, simply add it to your estimate.

Start a free 14-day trial or book a demo to see Buildxact in action. Head to to get started.
Contact Steve Allison, Dahlsens Key Account Manager at Buildxact on 0412 199 961 or to find out more, or speak to your Dahlsens Account Manager or store.