Eight ways cassette flooring can improve your build

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What is cassette flooring?

Cassette flooring systems can provide a cost effective way to swiftly construct a complete working platform in as little as a few hours.

With their innovative design and easy installation cassette flooring systems can result in:

1) Improved quality

Cassettes are pre-fabricated off-site in a factory controlled environment, enabling a higher degree of consistency and quality assurance to be achieved.

2) Flexible designs

Cassettes are fully detailed and engineered by Pryda fabricators to suit your specific project. Pryda Span or Long Reach floor trusses can be manufactured up to 10m in length with designs able to take into consideration factors such as positioning of services, wet areas, balcony set downs and co-ordination with the supporting structure.

3) Lightweight and rock solid

The Pryda floor trusses within the cassettes are designed to stringent dynamic performance criteria to eliminate ‘liveliness’ in a floor, which can lead to bounce. This means timber cassette offers all the benefits of reinforced concrete but at a much tighter weight.

4) Fast on-site installation

Once delivered to site, pre-installed lifting devices and mobile cranes will be used to lift the cassettes into position to create a complete working platform in a matter of hours.

5) Fewer delays waiting for trades and deliveries

As cassettes form a complete working platform incorporating all ancillaries, incomplete deliveries become a thing of the past and there is minimal work required for follow on trades.

6) Minimised waste

Flooring materials and other ancillary products are optimised during design and installed off-site doing away with on-site cutting, waste and the risk of materials going missing.

7) Reduced OH&S risks

Floor cassettes can be installed on upper stories from below and provide a working platform upon installation, minimising risks associated with working at heights.

8) Suits a variety of applications

Floor cassettes are suitable for upper storey and ground floor applications in detached housing, multi-unit and light commercial developments.

Dahlsens can provide the floor cassette solution for you. If you would like to know more about how cassette flooring can work for you, please speak to your Account Manager. Don’t have a Dahlsens account? Get in touch with our team today.