Why being service-focused matters in residential building

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As the residential construction industry becomes increasingly competitive, standing out from the pack can mean the difference between nabbing that much needed extra project or falling off the market radar.

Exceptional customer service, based on open and clear communication, cooperation and collaboration underscores the success of many businesses across all industries. A deliberate focus on customer service could be the added ingredient you require to get jobs done on time, match client expectations and improve your bottom line.

Not entirely convinced? Here are a few more ways exceptional customer service can boost your business success:

1. Gain valuable referrals

In a competitive industry dominated by word-of-mouth, a focus on service can help you develop and sustain valuable business relationships and build your reputation among fellow industry professionals, as well as current or potential clients.

Encourage staff to work with a service mind-set and lead by example. Be approachable, well presented and on time. Provide regular feedback throughout the build, even when things are going well. This positive rapport is vital to the smooth management of any issues that may arise later in the build.

The positive experience of a fellow contractor or past client can also result in their decision to pass on your business card or details to potential clients or building partners. A referral could be all it takes to gain that next building project without even having to worry about the competition.

2. Increased customer loyalty

More Australians are relocating on a regular basis. With around 42% of Aussies moving house in the past 5 years, a service focus that builds customer loyalty could see you well positioned as the builder of choice when the time comes for your client to build or renovate again.

Even if you feel a client is unlikely to consider another home build, customer loyalty can still result in repeat business. As their needs change or their family grows, unexpected home renovations may arise and with solid rapport, occasional follow up and an overall positive customer service experience, your business may remain front of mind to tackle that next project when the time comes.

3. Stand out from your competition

A saturated market means it can be tough to stand out from the crowd. A service focus can differentiate your business from the competition.

Consistent service contributes to a strong reputation for project success. Work with clients to understand their project needs, provide regular feedback and follow up any phone or email communications, maintain in person contact throughout the project, dress professionally and try not to be too casual when interacting with clients.

Don’t forget service doesn’t end with you. Train staff to approach their role with a service mind-set and encourage positive relationships between clients, staff and fellow contractors.

4. Win more bids

As the residential construction industry becomes tighter, the push to win a construction bid can prove tough.

Increased competition can make price point an unsustainable battle ground. A reputation for high quality customer service can place the focus elsewhere and provide the “value add” that could see your bid get across the line ahead of the competition.

5. Improve your bottom line

What does all this added effort result in? More than likely an improvement to your bottom line. Because it will lift your reputation, a strong service focus through every facet of your business can improve your profitability. Great news for you and your employees!