Timber floor adhesives: Polyurethane vs FloorBond XMS

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For a great looking timber floor installation that is both safe and easy to install, selecting the right tools and materials makes a difference.

When it comes to timber flooring adhesive, Polyurethane (PU), the basis of popular products such as Bostik’s UltraSet SF, has been the ‘go-to glue’ for many years.

Today, companies are developing alternative formulae such as ‘hybrid polymers’, often referred to as ‘MS’. H.B. Fuller is one of those companies, and their product FloorBond XMS is manufactured right here in Australia.

What is FloorBond XMS?

FloorBond XMS by H.B. Fuller is a unique hybrid polymer timber flooring adhesive designed specifically for Australian timbers and conditions and produced in a colour that has been specifically matched to blend with popular timber floors in the Australian market.

Superior quality

  • Designed to retain application peaks when trowel-applied, FloorBond XMS ensures good contact and maximum adhesion of timber floorboards to sub floor.

Varied applications

  • Suitable for indoor bonding of all types of timber floors to typical porous substrates such as concrete, fibre cement sheeting, plywood, particle board and MDF
  • Develops strong bonds to non-porous substrates such as many types of rubber matting
  • Can be used under timber flooring to boost acoustic performance
  • Suitable for floors with under floor heating.

Ease of install

To make the application process easier, FloorBond XMS features a long open time of 60 minutes, allowing longer work times before the product skins. If the lid and foil top liner is replaced securely, FloorBond XMS in a pail can be re-used for up to six weeks after being opened.

Why make the switch from Polyurethane?

When comparing both Bostik UltraSet SF and H.B. Fuller FloorBond XMS, it has been found that both offer good bond strength and flexibility. However, H.B. Fuller’s FloorBond XMS provides advantages including superior trowelability, environmental and personal health benefits and also cost savings.

To learn more or start working with FloorBond XMS today, get in touch with the experienced and knowledgeable Dahlsens team here or visit your local Dahlsens store. Already have an account? Contact your Account Manager for more information – our Account Managers have deep product knowledge that they gladly share with clients.