The smarter digital lock, from Yale

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Yale Unity Entrance Lock

Digital locking solutions are on the wish list for many home owners. To help you offer your clients the wow factor, Dahlsens can set you, the builder, up with product training, showroom selections and pricing on a range of options.

Introducing the new Yale Unity Entrance Lock and Access App which enables your clients to digitally deadlock any door in the home. Tested and certified to the AS4145.2.2008 SL8 & D8, you can control the lock via the Yale Access App, plus you can share access with others and avoid lost or stolen keys from being an issue.

You can also upgrade the Yale Assure Series lock with a Yale Access Kit to enable controlling your lock remotely via a mobile phone. With the Yale Access App, you can grant onetime access, set a specific period or even a date range for access.

How it works


It’s easy to control access to the home just simply download the free Yale Access App on iOS and Android, and all the access control you need is at your fingertips.

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Simple access & control

Mobile phone in hand

With 24/7 lock activity, you can monitor who accesses your Yale digital lock and precisely when the access was. Using varying technologies including Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and GPS, as well as the Yale Access App, the auto, unlock function allows you to unlock the door on approach.

Share access

You can give access to family, friends or guests always, temporarily or reoccurring.

Control anywhere, anytime.

Add the Yale Connect Bridge and you can control your door activity and get alerts at any time. Plus it also works with your favourite voice assistant.

Download the latest catalogue or the installation guide or contact your local Dahlsens store for more information on the new Yale Unity entrance lock.