Supplier spotlight: Unitex, for (great) service rendered

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Some suppliers do it so well. They understand their customers. They pride themselves in producing a great product and stand by its performance. They have great people and therefore great customer empathy and service. Dahlsens takes great pride in associating itself with such suppliers and taking their products to our customers with full confidence.

Unitex® is one such supplier: great product, solid warranty and passionate people. Based in Melbourne’s Dandenong South, Unitex® manufacture a wide range of cladding and decorative products suitable for both residential and more complex architectural projects.

Discover Unitex

Unitex® started trading in 1983 when two expert, solid plasterers joined forces with an experienced, industrial polymer chemist. From the beginning, Unitex® have had a strong technology base, yet at the same time, a very practical focus.

This supports the Unitex® brand’s platform of ‘innovation’ and ‘service’. The two directors of Unitex®, Andrew Concannon and Tony Guibiani, continue to guide Unitex® to be Australia’s premier cladding and coatings company.

Number one for cladding solutions

The best selling Unitex® system is Base Board cladding. This is a total cladding solution, with every component made in-house to exacting standards.

While cheaper foreign cladding competitors end up in court with buildings that catch fire or fall apart, Unitex® Base Board has stood the test of time!

How does our partnership benefit your business?

Last year, Unitex® came to an agreement with Dahlsens to distribute its products throughout Victoria. With Dahlsens’ total service coverageacross Victoria and southern NSW and its owner/operator structure (Dahlsens stores are not franchises) Unitex® is able to more easily and efficiently manage the distribution of its products throughout the state.

The partnership is going from strength to strength. Like Dahlsens, Unitex® puts the utmost value on customer relationships. Continuous feedback from its loyal base of trades allows Unitex® to evolve and hence provide the very best products possible to its market.

And because Unitex® manufactures all of its products in-house in Australia, customers have peace of mind, knowing the products are safe and fit for purpose.

If you have a project requiring a rendered finish or architectural mouldings and columns, consider Unitex®.

To find out more about how Unitex® products can help give your next project an edge, get in touch with the team at Dahlsens today.