Save up to a day on each job with Dahlsens Truss and Frame

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Are you interested to know how you could unlock stage payments faster with Dahlsens Truss and Frame?

We recently caught up with Ridgewater Property Group, one of Melbourne’s most highly regarded independent volume builders, to ask them why they choose Dahlsens for their truss and frame. Their response was clear – innovative installation solutions that save them up to a day at frame stage (unlocking stage payments faster), clear communication, expertise, delivery in full and on time and our good people – resulting in happier trades and clients for Ridgewater. All together it’s a win!

Hear more from Andrew Wilson, Director, and Luke Hollins, Construction Manager, from Ridgewater Homes, along with Jesse Mirabile, Director Mirabuild Solutions on their experience with the Dahlsens Truss and Frame.

Unlock stage payments faster – save up to a day installing roof trusses

Pryda Speedtruss



Partner with Dahlsens for your truss and frame and you can save up to a day in installation time, thanks to Pryda Speedtruss™, a game-changing solution for roof truss installation. With SpeedTruss™, prefabricated trusses are supplied with preinstalled tie-down screws that do away with triple grips for a faster, safer and cleaner system.


Time is money – replace L brackets with a single screw 

Truss and frame manufactured by Dahlsens is delivered with Pryda FastFix™ Internal Wall Screw (IWS) – a fast, safe and error-free alternative to the traditional and often incorrectly installed L Brackets which connect the bottom chords to wall frames. IWS is a single speciality screw that is driven up through the top plate and greatly speeds up installation time.


Why does Ridgewater Property Group choose Dahlsens?

“We choose to partner with Dahlsens for truss and frame because of their expertise. The product is really good quality, the innovation. The detailing is really, really spot on.

“Our business is all about improving and partnering with people who have got the same mindset so Dahlsens are a fit for us in that regard.

“I would definitely recommend Dahlsens to other builders. We wouldn’t use them otherwise,” Andrew Wilson, Director, Ridgewater Property Group.

Imagine the efficiencies you could gain over a year by switching to Dahlsens for your truss and frame. Make the switch – request a quote or speak to your local store.


Get access to “the best truss system on the market”

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