Recruiting staff: how to find the best fit for your team

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The right team is at the very core of any successful business. The people you choose to represent your brand on-site immediately become the face of your company, their tradesmanship and customer service a reflection of your business values and standards.

High quality staff can quickly boost your bottom line by lifting productivity and enhancing reputation via positive word of mouth. Staff that are the wrong fit for your team can produce vastly different results. Poor quality work, low morale, unsatisfactory customer service and lost time and money spent on training a transient team member can prove to be a costly exercise.

The real challenge is understanding how to select the right person for your team to begin with. Construction recruitment expert at First Personnel, Leigh Rorke, knows this all too well.

“There is no one-size-fits-all method to recruiting the right staff member for any business, unfortunately,” explains Leigh. “Luckily, there are several things that you can watch out for to find the perfect new member of your team.”

Ensure your new recruit is a “culture fit”

Before you start the hiring process take a step back and consider the culture of your business. Are your staff generally older or younger? What types of personalities do you and your staff tend to gel with? What values do you and your staff share?

“Understanding your business culture is key to determining the right person for your team,” explains Leigh. “Every company is different and this means taking the time to understand what personal qualities suit your team dynamic.”

“Evaluate the nature of your team and the types of personalities you feel will work well with your current employees. If someone has similar goals and interests to the rest of your team then chances are they are going to be the right fit for your organisation,” says Leigh.

A new recruit who is a genuine “culture fit” will want to be a part of your team for the long haul. More importantly, you will want them there too.

Double check candidate references and qualifications

In an industry so heavily grounded in word-of-mouth, nothing’s more important than checking up on the employment history of a potential new employee.

“References can tell you a lot about the person you are hiring,”explains Leigh. “Ensure all referees provided are from actual employers, not just a mate who speaks highly of their work.”

“A positive reference from a previous employer is a valuable asset when trying to select the right person for your business.”

For those with gaps in their resume, make sure any breaks in employment have a clear line of reasoning – contract work, extended travel or searching for career progression.

“When selecting your next employee, a good work history with evidence of long term employment (one year or more) at a single company is a great sign that they will want to stay on with your business for a long period of time, too.”

Double check the validity of any qualifications a potential candidate claims to have achieved, and make sure any accreditations and licences are current. This could save you considerable time and money, especially if Work Safe visit your construction site.

Create a positive work environment

If you want staff who stick, you need to create a work environment that they want to remain a part of.

“When hiring staff it can become easy to get caught up in deciding which candidate is right for you,” says Leigh. “Don’t forget to consider the bigger picture. High quality staff are attracted to, and more easily retained at, a high quality work environment.”

“To attract the right team members for your business a positive work place culture and a decent wage are fundamental. Staff don’t want to leave a work environment that meets their financial needs and makes them happy to rock up on site each morning.”