New at Dahlsens! A smarter way to build a roof

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New and game-changing from your Dahlsens truss and frame team! The benefits of the Pryda SpeedTruss™ pre-installed screws system are loud and clear to customers who have jumped on board.

Find out for yourself how you too can save time – here’s the low down.

A new approach to roof truss design and installation, Pryda’s prefabricated SpeedTruss functions like an assembly kit, incorporating pre-installed screws.

The innovation reduces truss installation time by removing temporary fixing, and gets a thumbs up from certifiers for the accuracy it enforces on truss installation.

Builders tell us the Pryda SpeedTruss measures up to claims made in the company’s signature marketing slogan – build safer, faster, smarter, and easier.

We put the question to Scott Russell, the construction manager at Tribeca Homes, Victoria (pictured above, left of middle). Here’s what he said:

“The Pryda SpeedTruss is a great system – our tradies are loving it – because it speeds up the job and the screws produce a quality result,” he said. “Once screwed in, the truss stands by itself, so there’s no need for temporary fixing, which makes it so much easier to line up the TGs,” he says.

“It completely replaces the need for triple grips, which saves a huge amount of time onsite. My certifier reckons it’s great, too. We expect to use the SpeedTruss on all our jobs”.

Further developments underway at Dahlsens’ manufacturing plants will soon add Pryda’s patent pending Hinge-Out system to truss assemblies, allowing builders to hinge the jack truss off the girder truss to create a stable connection and plumb and straighten girders automatically, saving even more time.

Place your roof truss and screw it down. Quick, smart.

  • Save a day’s work – even more
  • Reduce installation time and improve safety
  • Work safer at heights
  • No more confusing layouts or head scratching

What builders are saying about SpeedTruss from Dahlsens

“It’s an awesome product. I love using the SpeedTruss system, you can’t go wrong.”
“Works a treat, great system.”
“Great to work with you guys, and easy to install.”
“Great system, it saves so much time!”
“The hold down strength is incredible and is a massive game changer, I’m saving lots of time not having to go back and install straps.”
“We’ve just put up a house using Pryda Speed Truss system. It was great, made light work of it. Loved it.”

Save even more time with the FASTFIX™ Internal Wall Screw from Pryda

Pryda FastFix™ Internal Wall Screw (IWS) consigns nails to history. Forget about apron pockets jingling with nails, hammer in one hand, bracket in the other, working at height. With the IWS, builders can work just two rungs up a ladder. A placement guide positions the screw vertically, with the correct off-sets to ensure it is driven up through the vertical centreline of the truss and the wall every time. The 5mm hex screw comes with a tip that ensures a quick start and reduces the likelihood of splitting timber.


Driving in a screw from underneath the top plate is a faster way to work compared to hand hammering


The absence of screw head removes the risk of over tightening and allows the truss to move freely up and down while maintaining superior lateral stability of the internal wall


Poorly located nails, or over tightened connections causing cornice and ceiling cracks, are history


The screw and guide combo reduces time working at height and makes it easier for the builder to maintain three points of contact and the job can be finished in a fraction of the time taken to install L Brackets

Available at Dahlsens Truss & Frame.

Talk to your Dahlsens Account Manager or store to find out how you can get on board.