Reduce costs while meeting 7 stars with ALPHAFLOOR®

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Introducing ALPHAFLOOR® by XCEM, an innovative, solid concrete floor panel system that can help you meet 7 stars, and even save you money in the process!

Builders will appreciate the easy install, superior result and significant contribution ALPHAFLOOR® makes towards meeting 7 stars–especially as a first-floor substrate–allowing you to save on upgrades in other areas.

Homeowners will be grateful for the high thermal performance and minimal noise transfer. Squeaking and bouncing on second storey floors will also be eliminated. All benefits that will set your builds apart.

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✔ Reduce costs while meeting 7 stars
Large cost savings are possible when specifying ALPHAFLOOR®, particularly as a second floor substrate. Its high thermal rating means other product upgrades may no longer be needed to meet 7 stars.

✔ Feels like a solid concrete floor
The thin 35mm concrete panels feel like a concrete slab underfoot whilst taking up minimal space.

✔ Superior acoustic properties
A RW37 acoustic rating means noise transfer between floors is minimised.

✔ Lightweight yet solid concrete
Each panel is made from 25MPa solid concrete and only weighs 35kg/m2 making it easy to move and install.

✔ Durability for peace of mind
Can be left exposed to the elements without deterioration. Does not need to be waterproofed or have the ends sealed when cut.

✔ Fast and easy install
Simply glue and screw the lightweight panels and save time and effort.

✔ Crystalline silica free
No crystalline silica is present in the proprietary concrete mix so no risk of silicosis from cutting each panel to size.

✔ Australian made and owned
ALPHAFLOOR® is ISO 9001 accredited and made by Australian company XCEM at their state-of-the-art facility in the Southern Highlands of New South Wales.


Project: New home in North Richmond, NSW, by GJ Gardner South West Sydney.

Original plans: Particle board flooring, high spec glazing and insulation, outdoor covering for north-facing windows.

Changed to ALPHAFLOOR: 35mm ALPHAFLOOR with lower spec windows and insulation, no outdoor covering of north-facing windows.

COST SAVING: $3,686 ex GST


What other builders say:

ALPHAFLOOR is a fantastic product and one that really aligns with our brand of building a quality home with innovative products. We would recommend this product to anyone wanting a solid concrete feel with the added benefit of boosting the BASIX star rating at the same time.

Christian Romano – Estimating and Procurement Manager & Steve Licastro – Construction Manager, Fowler Homes

Now available from all Dahlsens trade stores

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