Ceiling batts, Wall batts, Sarking and Sisalation.

Dahlsens has a complete range of thermal and acoustic insulation from CSR Bradford and GI Building Services to improve comfort and energy efficiency for new builds or renovation work.

  • Gold Ceiling Batts
  • Gold and Black Wall Batts
  • Optimo Underfloor Insulation
  • EzyCAV Cavity Wall Blanket
  • Soundscreen Acoustic Insulation
  • Enviroseal ProctorWrap Wall Wrap
  • Enviroseal ProctorWrap Roof Sarking
  • Reflecta Floor
  • Reflecta Cell
  • Reflecta Resi
  • Reflecta ThermoFloor
  • Reflecta Guard
  • Foilboard

Dahlsens’ Supply & Install service is a worthwhile consideration.

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