Dare Builders: decades of success

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A carpenter since 1996, Rohan Dare has run his own building business for 10 years. As a builder, Rohan enjoys the ability to control all elements, from the very first peg to the handing over of the key to his customers. “Building people’s dreams is a very rewarding journey, if the right people are around you,” says Rohan.

Founded and flourishing in East Gippsland

Dare Builders builds new homes and renovations for the retiree and ‘mum and dad’ residential market from Bairnsdale to Paynesville to Lakes Entrance. Growing up in the local area, Rohan is well connected with the good quality tradespeople and suppliers East Gippsland is blessed with, and surrounds himself and the business with the best in the region.

A tight-knit team

Rohan and long term staff members – carpenters Hamish and Brenton, fiancée Trin who does the books and office administration, and site foreman/office manager British bulldog Billi – as well as a great team of contractors and suppliers, work well as a well oiled machine, producing quality homes which keep their customers happy.

Rohan prides himself and the team on their hard earned reputation for having strong attention to detail, for site cleanliness and smooth customer dealings.

To this day, Dare Builders have not needed to advertise to generate incremental business such is the power of word of mouth.

A recipe for ongoing success

Rohan’s father was also a local carpenter and passed on the ethos that customers will always find you if you do the job well and treat all customers with respect.

When asked what has changed in the industry since he started out, Rohan says, “A big change has been the contracting of plumbers to do their own scaffolding and installation of the roofing, the roof battens, gutters and fascia.”

Where once that side of things was handled by the carpenters, Rohan finds many benefits in engaging local plumber Friths Plumbing to do the work. The arrangement works well for Dahlsens’ Sale Metal Roofing Centre, which supplies the roofing, gutters and fascia.

A project Rohan is particularly proud of in Eastwood was challenging for its tight access and hill side build, great design and the ultimate location resulted in a fantastic result for the owners.

Dahlsens would like to thank Rohan and the team for their ongoing support. We hope Rohan and Trin enjoy many holidays in their Tambo Valley holiday cabin, a shipping container conversion where they love to escape and turn their phones off.