Building modern into aged care

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The aged care community in Traralgon will now be retiring in style thanks to the new, ultra-modern extension to the Dalkeith Hostel completed by award winning builders BFN Developments.

Not your standard aged care facility, the new 66-room extension will see residents enjoying an apartment style living arrangement with a home-like experience. Each apartment will house approximately eight residents who will share a living room, kitchen and dining space while receiving personalised care from an in-house dedicated primary carer to support their needs. Communal areas including a café, sports bar and library are available for all residents to enjoy.

Gone is the stock standard brick clad box, synonymous with the design of aged care homes of the past, and enter a dramatic example of modern architecture and quality craftsmanship. The sleek metal cladding and Weathertex Weathergroove materials contrast against the earthy tones of the bricks and blackbutt balustrading, creating a striking home for those in need of care.

Dalkeith Hostel Kitchen Build

Congratulations to BFN Developments, owned by Brett and Fiona Neilson, that was named Master Builders Association of Victoria (MBAV) Commercial Builder of the Year–South East for its construction of the Dalkeith Hostel. This is the third time in four years that BFN Developments have won this accolade, twice also winning the Victorian Regional Master Builder of the Year.

“Pretty funny for a few chippies from Traralgon,” said Brett Neilson.

Brett and Fiona started out as residential builders in Traralgon, building up to 100 homes per year, before progressing into commercial work over a decade ago. These days BFN focus on high-level commercial developments throughout the eastern Victorian corridor and into Melbourne.

Their work has modernised the commercial streetscapes of their home-town; no more evident than along the Princes Highway, the entrance to the town.

“I find the challenge of commercial projects very exciting,” said Brett. “The large scale requires huge infrastructure.  They have to be project managed incredibly well to deliver on-time client satisfaction.”

“We are fortunate to have an incredible team of long-term, quality staff helping us out. In fact, one of our project managers was the very first apprentice I ever trained, he started with us 26 years ago,” said Brett.

Modern aged care in Traralgon

With a reputation for quality construction and a master of his craft, Brett is known to mentor many in the local trade community to pass on his wisdom and help them achieve their own success. Together with others in the local building industry, Brett set up a local advocate group, ‘La Trobe Vision’, and works to free up local land and improve the process of Council permits in the region.

Dahlsens is proud to enjoy a long-standing partnership with BFN, supplying a diverse range of building materials and truss and frame to support their ongoing building needs. The BFN-built Dahlsens Traralgon site is still standing so we can vouch for their quality workmanship from a customer’s perspective too!

We wish Brett, Fiona and the BFN team continued success. Love your work!

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