A better solution for bracing

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A better solution for bracing

Orientated Strand Board Bracing (OS’Brace) is an increasingly popular choice for builders seeking a readily available option for sheet wall bracing that’s easy-to-use and resistant to distortion and delamination.

With higher capacities than comparable sheet bracing alternatives (12.5% better capacity than plywood, and 16% better than hardboard), OS’Brace is a viable substitution in most applications.

For the application in wall bracing, Egger OS’Brace has undergone extensive testing in Australia obtaining the necessary engineering certifications. While not always specified, builders can request engineers to change the project specification to OS’Brace and benefit from the switch.

Benefits of OS’Brace

  • More readily available than plywood
  • No wastage – made using all wood fibre from logs
  • Resists distortion, splitting, delamination and buckling
  • Simple to install and easy to cut
  • Has the necessary engineering certifications for use in wall bracing
  • Available in the standard 3.4 kN/m and 6.0 kN/m ratings
  • 12.5% better capacity than plywood and 16% better than hardboard
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