Pryda is about building smarter at every stage.

When you work with Pryda you get a wealth of patented technologies. Delivered by a proven player who has been an integral part of the building industry in Australia for over 50 years.

Pryda is driven by a passion to solve common problems with simple solutions to ensure the frame and truss industry can work safer, faster and easier. Pryda’s engineering software and full range of timber connectors and structural brackets supports Dahlsens to design and manufacture efficient and compliant designs and installation.

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Smarter solutions to common construction challenges

Build smarter with the company committed to customer-centric for innovations for builders who demand best-in-class building products and solutions.


Pryda offers a wide range of bracing for construction needs.

Angle Brace comes two different types; Mini and Maxi and is suitable for wall bracing. It is an angled brace with no tensioning required, and it provides a strong bracing option.

Strap Brace is an easy-to-use, flat strap bracing for walls, ceilings, and floors. It must be tensioned using a strap brace tensioner. The Nutsert tensioner is tensioned with an impact driver saving time. Strap brace can easily be cut to match any length for numerous applications. Unlike other bracing, it can be partially fastened but not fully tensioned, allowing for plumb adjustment of wall frames before fully tensioning.

Speedbrace is the preferred option when it comes to roof bracing. When used as diagonal roof bracing, it provides overall stability to the trussed roof and in conjunction with the roof battens, prevents buckling of the top chords. It doesn’t require tensioning or notching and is fast to install.

Brackets and Fixes

A diverse range of brackets and fixes for specific applications or general projects.

The Frame Fix is the latest Pryda innovation. It reinforces the top plate (90×35 and 90×45 MGP single or double plates) containing central penetrations for services or ventilation pipes to a max of 60mm diameter. The best part is it can be installed before or after the service penetration and in several different orientations.

Foil Fix & Pryda Fix are the perfect solutions for connecting building foils, insulation, shade cloth, privacy screens to timber framing. A simple yet effective design featuring pre-punched nails meaning no additional fasteners are required.

When looking for multi-purpose heavy-duty building brackets, the Pergola Angle and Universal Heavy-Duty Angle are the perfect fit. They can be used horizontally or vertically, and as an internal or external support.

Connectors and Tie Downs

An extensive range of connectors and tie downs for a wide range of connection applications.

Multigrips (MG) and Triple Grips are excellent multi-purpose metal connectors for timber construction. They are suitable for high load applications such as tie down connectors for rafters/roof truss to top plates and for fixing joists to the face of bearers (MG only). Fast and easy to install with both screws or nails. The Purlin Cleat provides an even stronger connection of trusses/rafters to beams and wall plates.

When joining timber at right angles Joist Straps can be used for lighter duty applications, while the Unitie can be used when greater capacities are needed.

For high wind and cyclonic zones, the Cyclone Straps are perfect for tying down purlins to trusses, or roof trusses to other roof members and to the wall frame. Available in a range of lengths and thicknesses, they can be double up for even more capacity.

If you are connecting top and bottom plates to studs, the Pryda Stud Tie range has you covered. There is a broad range to choose from; pre-bent, with and without holes, different lengths, and some that do not require fasteners (they have pre-punched nails).


If you’re going old school, we have you covered with our Timber Connector Nail, specifically designed for use with Pryda Timber Connectors. One piece design and stronger than regular clouts (as their heads may pop off under load).

If you don’t want to hand hammer in nails, the Timber Connector Screw is the answer. They are also specifically designed for use with Pryda Timber Connectors but take half the time to install. You can use your drill or driver to achieve a fast and secure connection. The screws have coloured heads for easy identification, and are self-drilling, even through light steel.

The latest Pryda screw innovation is the FastFixTM Stick Built Framing Screw. It is a safer, stronger, and faster solution for securing wall plates in stick-built frames. Use a standard drill/driver with a 5mm hex drive and find the simplicity of use. You will also obtain greater capacity than most stud ties, while saving half the time installing it. It also provides better quality outcomes in the build process, especially with the installation of plasterboard (no more bumps from straps and nails).

Hangers and Truss Boots

The Pryda Joist Hanger range features the knuckle (50mm hangers and under) to help keep the hanger in place while you drive home fasteners before loading. A versatile hanger range that is used for beam-to-beam connections, floor or roof truss to support connection, carports, decks, gazebos, and pergolas. Can be quickly installed with nails or screws. Complementing this range are Split Joist Hangers and Heavy-Duty Hangers, adding versatility and increased capacity depending on the application.

For truss-to-truss connections, our Truss Boot range will get the job done. There are multiple types available like Heavy Duty and Multi-Fix with different thicknesses and fastening types. Some include a variable angle swing arm to achieve any angle. Bolt kits are also available to make installation a breeze.

The Variable Skew Angle Bracket is a strong and versatile bracket that can be used as a seat or cleat to support beams or trusses coming in at any direction, or in a vertical orientation as an angle cleat for beam-to-beam connections.

Post Anchors

The extensive Pryda post anchor range offers solutions for a wide range of applications. They also feature an increased hole size in the bottom plate for easy installation of Ramset AnkascrewsTM.

Full Stirrup and Half Stirrup post anchors can be fixed to existing concrete or wet concrete and come in a range of widths and leg lengths to suit many types of timber posts. The Half Stirrup option is ideal when the post is located against a wall and can only be bolted from one side.

Centre Fix and Centre Pin post anchors reduce the visibility of the post anchor and their fixings, presenting a more visually appealing aesthetic.

If you come across odd sized posts, our Adjustable Post Anchors are ideal. They can be used for posts 90mm to 150mm wide, and the post does not have to be checked out.

High wind areas require High Wind post anchors. The U-shaped base is engineered for maximum hold down in wet concrete. They come in a range of sizes and widths, have depth markers on the side and holes for use with reo/bar.

Nail Plates

Strap Nails are ideal for fast and easy to use connector for multiple timber jointing applications. Simply use a hammer, thanks to the in-built twisted nails.

For a heavier duty jointing solution, Knuckle Nail plates can be installed without any special equipment, just a hammer, as they have in built knuckle nails. They have multiple structural and non-structural applications like timber jointing frames, splicing of beams, reinforcement of timber connections and structures.

The Nail-on Plates, present a heavy duty pre-punched plate range, to form several types of timber joints. Simply select the correct plate size and type, place in position and fasten through the pre-punched holes using either Timber Connector Screws or Timber Connector Nails. They can be used for any heavy-duty timber connection, joining beams and repair work over existing fixings.

Simple innovation to help builders up your game

Pryda’s engineered products and solutions put you on track to get the job done better and faster. That’s because simplicity is at the core of our building systems.

Pryda SpeedTrussTM

A better way to build a roof in half the time

The Pryda Truss Installation System (Pryda SpeedTruss™) is a game-changing to roof truss installation. It’s a prefabricated truss system that functions like an assembly kit. When the trusses get to site, you simply lift into position, use an impact driver to connect the screws, and the job is done.

  • SpeedTruss™ lets you fix everything into place at or below the top plate and all from the safety of a step ladder
  • No more skew nailing or final connections such as multigrips
  • With the screws pre-installed by Dahlsens, the connections are covered by the Producer Statement, offering peace of mind for certification

FastFixTM Internal Wall Screw

Ditch internal wall brackets

The use of Internal Wall Brackets can be full of frustrations. A poorly installed bracket is a common cause of call-backs from the homeowner. Add to that, the time taken to install, with the need to hand hammer three nails to the bracket above the top plate, a better way is needed.

The Pryda FastFix™ Internal Wall Screw takes the time and labour out of tedious L Bracket connections.

It creates a slightly oversized hole in the top plate as it is installed with no predrilling required.

Plus, it’s supported by Pryda engineering certification and meets the compliance requirements of NCC.

  • Fast, compliant connection
  • Real time savings in installation
  • Lines up perfectly every time
  • Installed from below the top plate, making it a safer work site
  • With the IWS, builders can work just two rungs up a ladder

Pryda Engineering

Expert advice for the job done better. Across the country, Pryda is there when it counts, delivering smart compliant solutions and engineering support to the timber construction industry. Pryda’s technical and engineering experts provide day-today support for design certification, rectification, new applications, feasibility studies, product advice, and site inspections.

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