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As your local building partner, we deliver quality materials at competitive prices.

At Dahlsens Riverstone, we deliver on-sited manufactured trusses and frames, as well as many other services to make your build that much easier.

Dahlsens Riverstone truss and frame proudly services Sydney, Chatsworth, Penrith, Liverpool, Campbelltown and all locations in between.

With over 145 years of industry experience and a deep history in Australian construction, Dahlsens delivers top truss and frame products, meeting whatever specifications your build requires.

For more information about how Dahlsens Riverstone can support you, please call 02 9838 3200.

Why Choose Us?

Local Truss and Frame Manufacturers Near You

During a build, it may be tempting to look far afield for a truss and frame provider to cut costs. However, the nightmare scenario is having nowhere to locally source your urgent materials. 

Our experienced team supports Riverstone’s community with truss and frame needs plus other full-spectrum build supplies.

Our products are quick and easy to install, saving you major time during construction, and are crafted to the highest Australian standards.

When you work with us, you’ll enjoy a dedicated account manager. Get unlimited access to our expertise from start to finish of your build. Make delays due to supply issues a thing of the past!

The fastest truss and frame in Riverstone

Partner with Dahlsens for your truss and frame and you could save up to a day in installation time, thanks to Pryda Speedtruss™, a game-changing solution for roof truss installation. With SpeedTruss™, prefabricated trusses are supplied with preinstalled tie-down screws that do away with triple grips for a faster, safer and cleaner system. Combine SpeedTruss™ with Pryda Fast Fix Internal Wall Screw and Pryda Framing Screw, and you could save up to two full days installing truss and frame. 

Visit Dahlsens Riverstone

Find us at 49 Edward Street, Riverstone. We are open weekdays between 7am and 3.30pm. Come in store for a chat about any and all building needs!

Our Trusses and Frames in Riverstone

We’ve pioneered Australia’s construction industry for over 145 years. We’re one of the most reliable building suppliers you can source from — by now, we know our stuff.

With 16 manufacturing sites nationally, and ever-evolving tech solutions, we meet builders’ needs on time and to budget. 

Wall Frames and Roof Trusses in Riverstone

We boast a full spectrum of wall frame solutions needed for any construction project, including custom and oversized frames. Our extensive selection of roof trusses suits every build.

What we offer:

  • Compliance guarantees: Our MiTek engineering software creates custom wall frames to meet Construction Code standards and aesthetic needs.
  • Cladding: We produce cladding supplies for industrial and other projects. 
  • Flooring: Find custom, superior flooring systems tested for durability.
  • Delivery: Get hassle-free delivery direct to site. Our projects include all ancillaries and documents; eliminating another big delay.

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See Your Construction Plans In 3D

At Dahlsens Riverstone, we help you see into the future! View your final build before it even begins. 

Our 3D view technology transforms 2D plans into 3D build images. This is useful to assess your build and preemptively prevent planning or regulatory issues.

Riverstone’s Expert Building Suppliers

If you’re searching for quality build supplies, look through our easy-install materials

Popular materials we stock include:

  • Termite Treated Pine: Excellent for truss and roof builds; we recommend this pine for its durability and longevity. 
  • Structural Timber: We offer softwood, hardwood and other build timbers at affordable prices.
  • Engineered Timber: We also cover all engineered timber needs. 

Learn More

Reach out to Riverstone’s knowledgeable construction experts for your next build!

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