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Your local Dahlsens Bairnsdale Truss & Frame manufacturing plant

Looking for a tailored solution for your roof trusses and frames? Dahlsens Bairnsdale’s premium trusses and frames are designed to meet the specific needs of your unique construction projects. We service all East Gippsland towns from Bairnsdale to the New South Wales border, including Dargo, Omeo, Bruthen, Lakes Entrance, Buchan, Orbost and Mallacoota, as well as down to Sale. 

The fastest truss and frame in Bairnsdale

Partner with Dahlsens for your truss and frame, and you could save up to a day in installation time, thanks to Pryda Speedtruss™, a game-changing solution for roof truss installation. With SpeedTruss™, prefabricated trusses are supplied with preinstalled tie-down screws that do away with triple grips for a faster, safer and cleaner system. Combine SpeedTruss™ with Pryda Fast Fix Internal Wall Screw and Pryda Framing Screw, and you could save up to two full days installing truss and frame*.

Find Our Trusses & Frames Manufacturing Plant In Bairnsdale

If you’ve been wondering, “Are there any truss manufacturers near me?” Dahlsens Bairnsdale has got all your frame and truss needs covered. Our local truss and frame manufacturing plant can supply you with roof trusses, wall frames and floor trusses to suit your project. We also have a drive-through timber yard on the same site, with timber, cladding, LVL, insulation, fasteners, power tools, hand tools, plaster and more. Our address is 108 Forge Creek Rd,
Bairnsdale, VIC, 3875. Email us or call on 03 5150 1100.


Our Trusses and Frames in Bairnsdale

As one of Australia’s largest residential frame and truss manufacturers, we pride ourselves on the quality and durability of our versatile range. Each wall frame and roof frame is purpose-built to your exact requirements, including easy-to-read installation layouts and design computations. As your Bairnsdale truss manufacturer, we cater to all local building standards and conditions.

Roof Trusses in Bairnsdale

As the leader amongst local truss manufacturers, we don’t cut corners in our manufacturing process. We produce our roof trusses using specialised equipment, ensuring uniformity and quality. We only use 90x35mm material as a minimum. Ceiling nogs are cut to size (565+865mm). Our trusses come with Pryda pre-installed tie-down screws, which make installation faster and safer and can save up to half a day of installation time*. 

Wall Frames in Bairnsdale

Dahlsens Bairnsdale Truss & Frame manufactures prefabricated wall frames that you can trust to provide maximum efficiency while reducing waste on site. Our frames are designed and built to your requested specifications and delivered directly to your site, reducing build times, labour costs and reliance on good weather. Your frames can be provided in untreated framing timber or H2 blue-treated pine.

Flooring System in Bairnsdale

Dahlsens Bairnsdale’s prefabricated flooring systems are easy and fast to install. Choose from floor trusses or prefabricated floor cassettes. When you choose floor trusses manufactured by Dahlsens, we ensure that all end supports are manufactured to fit perfectly, and no cutting or notching will be required onsite. Plus you’ll be able to make the most of large cantilevers and long spans over 7m which can eliminate the need for interior support walls, timber and steel beams. It’s also easy for other trades to run cabling, ducting, and wiring through the structural truss profile.

Why Choose Dahlsens for your Trusses & Frames in Bairnsdale?

When you choose Dahlsens for trusses and frames, you can be confident that you are getting the best value for your money. We offer competitive pricing on all our products, focusing on our local expertise, quality materials, and tailored services for Bairnsdale. We’re a true one-stop shop, focusing 100% on trade only, and we deliver to your site promptly and securely.

Visualise your 2D plan in 3D!

Understand your layouts better by getting views from every angle! Dahlsens’ 3D View program turns your 2D plans into detailed 3D representations for better planning and decision-making. Just scan the QR code on your Dahlsens plan to access your 3D view.


Our experienced design team uses specialised design software to ensure all components meet AS1684 Residential Timber Framed Construction and the National Construction Code. Our truss and frames meet or exceed all relevant Australian design codes, including bracing.

Benefit from experience

With more than 145 years of experience in the industry, our manufacturing of prefabricated trusses and frames is fully compliant and tailored to your exact needs. We’ll supply your project as an entire package with all required ancillaries and documentation to help you complete it quickly and successfully.

Termite treated blue pine

For durability and long-term protection, Dahlsens Bairnsdale recommends H2 blue treated pine. Treated with a non-hazardous active ingredient, this pine protects homes from termites. Sourced from our preferred supply partners, Timberlink and Hyne Timber, they both offer a 25-year termite protection guarantee and have never recorded a failure due to termite damage.

For more information about Dahlsens Bairnsdale and for obligation free quotations, please contact us at 03 5150 1100.

*Time savings are dependent on factors such as the size of the build, number of people installing the truss and frame system, choice of tools and methods of installation.

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