NewTechWood is the most natural-looking alternative to timber on the market. Bring long-lasting beauty to Australian outdoor life.

NewTechWood’s durable, sustainable, and ultra-low maintenance composite timber helps building and design professionals transform homes and businesses across Australia and save their clients’ time and money.

Low Maintenance NewTechWood Solution for Residential and Commercial Projects

Do you want to avoid traditional wood decking that requires constant maintenance and falls short on durability? Unlike timber, NewTechWood composite decking, cladding, or screening is a long-lasting solution for any residential and commercial project. Whether you’re a skilled tradie or a proud homeowner, NewTechWood’s sleek composite timber range is designed to exceed your expectations.

Unmatched Durability

Fully capped composite plastic boards are engineered with remarkable resistance in mind: say goodbye to splintered, rotting or fading decks. NewTechWood provides a 25-year warranty, ensuring complete confidence in their high-performing solutions.

Easy Installation

Time is money. These composite boards are designed for hassle-free installation, making your job easier and quicker. Save valuable time on outdoor projects and satisfy your clients with our user-friendly system with hidden fasteners and simple interlocking mechanisms.

The Most Natural Look

Elevate the visual appeal of your outdoor projects with a timber-look versatile range of decking, cladding and screening options. NewTechWood offers various colours and finishes to suit different design visions, from the warm elegance of natural wood finishes to contemporary blond or black designs.

Eco-Friendly Innovation

NewTechWood prioritises sustainability without compromising performance. Their composite boards are 95% made from recycled timber and recycled plastic, reducing the demand for virgin timber. By choosing them, you’ll contribute to preserving forests while offering natural wood’s luxurious appeal.

Weather Resistance

You can bid farewell to worries about extreme weather conditions: NewTechWood composite timber is engineered to withstand harsh Australian weather, providing fade and moisture protection. Rest assured that your project will maintain its beauty and structural integrity for years.

Low Maintenance

NewTechWood composite decking, cladding and screening require minimal upkeep: no staining, sealing, or painting – ever!

NewTechWood Decking

Terrace Range

If you’re looking for a modern and elegant decking solution, consider the Terrace range of solid composite decking. It’s suitable for residential and commercial projects and comes in two stunning finishes – wood-grained embossed and deep brushed.

Coastal Range

The Coastal composite decking range is perfect for those who want a classic weathered look, with a great choice of colours, from blond Beech to dark Aged-Wood. Its deep texture gives it a timeless appeal, perfect for decking around pools, coastal, and Hamptons-style projects.

Commercial Range

The Commercial range is designed for high-traffic decking areas, such as boardwalks, jetties, restaurants, hospitals, mining camps, playgrounds, and public open spaces. The Commercial range boasts the highest, P5 slip rating for additional safety. These composite boards are hard-capped and incredibly durable, ready to withstand Australia’s harsh weather conditions.

NewTechWood Cladding

Shadowline Cladding

Upgrade your building project with Shadowline Cladding from the NewTechWood range. This perfect addition will add an attractive architectural feature to your building project. Shadowline cladding boards come with a full range of powder-coated finishing trims that perfectly complement your project.

Castellation Cladding

With the Castellation Cladding from NewTechWood, you can enjoy a visually appealing, multidimensional look on exterior or interior walls. It’s the perfect alternative for creating a stylish external façade, screening, garage door, or ceiling feature that will stand the test of time.

NewTechWood Screening and Fencing

Hollow and Solid Screening Boards

The hollow and solid screening profiles from NewTechWood are available in a wide range of colours that perfectly match the decking and cladding options. This allows for versatile applications in residential and commercial outdoor projects: it can be used for privacy screens, decorative garden screening, pool fences, infill slat screening and fencing, poolside cabanas, and sunshades.

Not sure what range or colour to choose? Contact our Dahlsens team; we’re NewTechWood experts.

NewTechWood Difference

NewTechWood Difference

Comprehensive Installation Guidelines

Installing NewTechWood is easy, but it requires adhering to their installation guidelines to prevent voiding your warranty. Check Installation Guidelines before installing.

Full Technical Support

NewTechWood decking experts are available for all technical support, from product specification to installation.

All decking accessories available

NewTechWood comes with all screws, trims, deck lights and other accessories needed for the seamless start to finish of your outdoor projects. Their offer is enhanced by NIVO pedestals and the Structural deck framing system, making it a complete solution for specific decking needs.

Get Inspired; See How Others Use NewTechWood to Elevate Their Building Projects

Binet Homes Found a Better Solution for Their Award-Winning Design

This stunning house features a significant amount of NewTechWood cladding, which extends to the ceiling and eaves of the front facade. The renowned Binet Homes, who won several awards for their architectural designs, opted for the timber-look without compromising on maintenance concerns.

Previously using timber for similar homes, with the help of Dahlsens cladding experts, they opted for NewTechWood Shadowline Cladding in Teak.

Transform an Unusable Area to an Intimate Coastal Entertaining Space

Shaw Landscape Group from Unanderra, NSW, faced the challenge of renovating a narrow, unusable space. They transformed the area into an intimate, polished, and modern/coastal outdoor entertaining space using NewTechWood Castellation Cladding in colour Ipe.

The cladding was installed on a metal and timber sub-frame, maximising the available space and screening out neighbours, while also hiding the unattractive existing timber fence framework.

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