H.B. Fuller is a trusted name in the construction industry, providing a wide range of high-quality adhesive and sealant solutions developed specifically for Australian conditions. The vast majority of our products are locally manufactured, and all are tailored to meet the unique challenges posed by Australia’s diverse climate and demanding construction standards.

With a strong focus on quality and performance, H.B. Fuller adhesives and sealants are trusted by professionals in the trade. Whether you’re a builder, contractor, or tradesperson, our products have been engineered to deliver reliable and long-lasting results across a variety of applications. From foundation and frame to fix and fit-out, our adhesives and sealants are formulated to withstand the harshest Australian climate, ensuring durability and stability.

By choosing H.B. Fuller, you can have confidence in the quality and reliability of our adhesives. Backed by many decades of expertise, our locally made products are trusted by the trade, enabling you to complete your projects efficiently and effectively.

Construction Adhesives

H.B. Fuller’s Construction Adhesives range is a high-performance solution for most building applications. Made in Australia for Australian trades and to meet demanding conditions, Max Bond adhesives provide exceptional bonding strength and versatility across a variety of materials.

The Max Bond range includes a mix of general purpose and specialised adhesives: Max Bond Original, Fast Grip, Panel Grip and Rapid Cure. Each variant is developed and tested to deliver outstanding results in its specific application. These adhesives are trusted by builders, contractors, and construction professionals for their exceptional quality, especially where bond strength and reliability are paramount. They can withstand temperature fluctuations and environmental stresses whilst providing optimal performance in both interior and exterior settings.

From bonding concrete blocks and masonry to securing subflooring and plasterboard, our adhesives there is a Max Bond adhesive solution to suit your needs.

FulaSeal Silicone Sealants

H.B. Fuller FulaSeal Silicone Sealants are designed to meet the specific needs for a variety of building and construction applications including roofing, plumbing and wet areas. Our silicones provide a reliable and long-lasting solution for sealing and bonding in the most demanding environments.

FulaSeal Silicones offer exceptional weather resistance and durability. They provide a flexible, watertight seal that resists temperature and UV extremes while ensuring the integrity and longevity.

There is a FulaSeal Silicone variant for every application including Roof & Gutter, Brick & Concrete, Glazing, Bathroom & Kitchen, Plumbers and Mirrors. With exceptional performance and reliability, H.B. Fuller Silicone is trusted by trade professionals across many applications. Our range ensures that you have the right solution to get the job done.

FulaSeal Pro Industrial Silicone Sealants

The H.B. Fuller FulaSeal Pro range of industrial silicone sealants offers numerous benefits for use in commercial construction, manufacturing, and industrial fabrication applications. These high-performance sealants are specifically designed to meet the demanding requirements of various industries including automotive/RV assembly.

In construction, FulaSeal Pro Silicones provide exceptional adhesion to almost all building materials including: concrete, metal, glass, and wood. This enables secure bonding and sealing of joints, windows, doors, and other structural components, ensuring air and watertight properties. The sealants’ excellent durability and resistance to weathering, UV radiation, and temperature fluctuations make them ideal for exterior applications, where long-lasting performance is crucial.

FulaSeal Pro Silicones offer reliable sealing solutions in manufacturing for equipment, machinery, and components. They exhibit excellent resistance to chemicals, preventing leaks and ensuring the integrity of the sealed systems. Additionally, these sealants can withstand high temperatures, making them suitable for use in fabrication processes.

Flexible Joint Sealants

H.B. Fuller FulaFlex Flexible Construction Joint Sealants are designed to provide reliable and durable solutions for building and construction applications. These high-performance sealants are specifically formulated to accommodate movement and provide long-lasting protection for construction joints.

FulaFlex Sealants are ideal for sealing expansion and control joints in concrete, masonry, and other building materials. They are engineered to withstand a wide range of environmental conditions, including temperature fluctuations, UV exposure, and weathering, ensuring optimal performance and longevity.

With their excellent flexibility and elasticity, FulaFlex Sealants can accommodate quite a bit of movement caused by thermal expansion and contraction, vibration, and settling, without compromising adhesion or sealing effectiveness.

In addition to their functional properties, FulaFlex sealants are easy to apply, ensuring efficient installation and saving valuable time on construction projects. They adhere well to a variety of substrates, providing a strong and durable bond.

Fire Rated Sealants

H.B. Fuller’s Australian made range of fire-rated sealants are a critical component for building and construction projects that require stringent safety compliance. Our sealants are specifically engineered to meet the highest standards of fire resistance and are extensively tested to ensure compliance with the latest Australian Standard AS1530.4.

FulaFlex FR, Firesound and FulaCaulk FR fire-rated sealants undergo rigorous testing to evaluate their performance in a variety of substrates and configurations. These sealants are designed to provide effective barriers to the spread of flames, smoke, and toxic gases through joints and gaps in building materials.

Our fire-rated sealants have been tested under controlled conditions to assess their ability to withstand fire exposure, high temperatures, and flame propagation, providing reliable protection for critical areas of a building.

Flooring Adhesives

H.B. Fuller’s Hybrid Polymer Timber Flooring Adhesives are the ideal solutions for any timber flooring application. These locally made adhesives combine strength and durability with the flexibility and versatility of hybrid polymers.

Specifically formulated for Australian conditions, Max Bond Flexi-Floor and Floor Bond adhesives provide exceptional bonding strength and stability. They ensure a secure and long-lasting bond between the timber flooring and subfloor, minimizing movement and reducing the risk of gaps, squeaks, and other issues that can arise over time.

What sets these adhesives apart is their hybrid polymer technology. This innovative formulation allows for flexible characteristics, accommodating the natural expansion and contraction of timber flooring due to changes in humidity and temperature. The best part is that they are non toxic, low odour and low VOC.

In addition to their superior performance, these adhesives are easy to apply and suitable for a variety of flooring types including engineered timber and laminate. They provide excellent initial grab and workability, ensuring efficient and hassle-free installations.

Multi Use Adhesive & Sealants

H.B. Fuller’s Tool Box Adhesive & Sealant is a versatile solution designed for a wide range of construction and building applications. Engineered with hybrid polymer technology, this innovative product combines the benefits of both a flexible adhesive and sealant in one, offering a single solution for multiple uses.

Tool Box provides exceptional bonding strength, making it ideal for securing a variety of construction materials, including timber, metal, concrete, masonry and plastics. It creates a strong, durable and flexible bond in many applications such as panelling and trim work.

Tool Box also functions as a flexible sealant, providing a chemical, water and mould resistant barrier. It effectively seals gaps, cracks, and joints, preventing ingress of water and debris. This makes it suitable for use around windows, doors, roofing, and many other areas. It also exhibits excellent weather resistance, UV stability, and resistance to chemicals and environmental factors.


H.B. Fuller offers a comprehensive range of gap fillers and polyurethane expanding foam fillers, providing reliable solutions for building applications. These products are specifically designed to address gaps, fill voids, and bridge uneven surfaces, ensuring a professional and seamless finish.

FulaFill Gap Filler is ideal for filling gaps in various building materials, including brick, timber, plasterboard, and masonry. It offers excellent adhesion, flexibility, and durability, ensuring long-lasting results. Acrylic gap fillers are easy to apply, tool off and can painted over for a seamless appearance.

FulaFoam Polyurethane Expanding Foam Filler is perfect for filling cavities, both indoors and out. These foams expand upon application, filling voids and providing insulation and stability. They adhere well to various surfaces and can be trimmed to match the surrounding area.

Both fillers are an ideal solution for construction projects, improving energy efficiency and reducing air leakage.

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